Whitney Houston Wore PJs For Seven Straight Months

Must have been a comfy time, right? Think again!

In a new interview with Oprah set to air next week, Whitney Houston reveals that she spent 7 months in her pajamas getting high on crack cocaine.

Oprah admits that the interview will leave viewers with a better understanding of the woman that Houston became when she was addicted to drugs.

She says, “It will leave you gasping. She does not blame her ex-husband Bobby Brown and she takes full responsibility for her engagement in drugs. At one point she says, ‘I didn’t get out of my pajamas for seven months’. She talks about doing the drugs and sitting in the house and the two of them going, ‘What are we doing?'”

Houston’s battle with drugs began shortly after filming The Bodyguard in 1992 and did not end until recently.

Oprah believes that this is a story that will resonate deeply with the World, adding, “The thing most shocking to me is that Whitney tried to make herself smaller to fit in a marriage so the man could be bigger. How many women have done that? I deeply felt for her. She was trying to be the good wife. She really, truly loved him.”

Will you be checking out Whitney Houston’s interview with Oprah next week?