Taylor Swift Covers "I'm Every Woman"

Taylor Swift Covers

Whoa; now here's a stretch!

Check out this cover of the 1978 Chaka Khan classic "I'm Every Woman," performed by none other than Taylor Swift.

The song was apparently recorded as an early demo for the 19-year-old country sensation. Pretty bold move, fusing country and disco, but we guess she didn't call her new album Fearless for nothing.

Let us know in the comments section: Is this an unearthed gem, or is there a reason this song was never released?



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  • LAG

    This song is amazing.

  • liliiiiiis

    my god what a complete ruin of a wonderful of a song, i hate her! yes and you have no sense for awesome music :P

  • mabel

    my god what a complete ruin of a wonderful of a song, i hate her!

  • Alice

    I love Taylor!!! This song is absolutey AWESOME!!!

  • Dawn

    Atrocious cover... leave this song to Chaka and Whitney Houston (the only acceptable cover)

  • rachael

    i love it!

  • abc

    Poor song choice, but I love Taylor Swift, no matter what. She's got my back, like I've got hers. I'll never stop listening to her music, and I do love her voice. So I vote yes on her and her voice, but no on the song. Sorry, Taylor! ILY!

  • morgan

    pleaseeee take down immediately. taylor didn't release this yet. and anyone with access to it should keep it private and not post it anywhere. have some respect.

  • Ceci

    you have to take this down. please. it's not supposed to be shared to anyone, at all. when i got this song like 3 or 4 months ago i was told that i couldn't share it to anyone, and that it was never supposed to be shared. so please, take it down.

  • Hong

    I like it! So cute! I enjoy listening to her voice!