PHOTO GALLERY: Taylor Momsen's Mile-Long Legs

Taylor Momsen is looking more and more grown up all the time, isn't she? The teen Gossip Girl star turned heads in New York when she unfurled her long legs - clad in fishnets! - on the set of the hit show.

Walk this way to check out the complete gallery of Taylor showing off her hot wheels.

And let us know in the comments, do you think this is a good luck for Taylor or is she growing up too fast?



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  • cherry

    she is usually messed up, but here she s really nice

  • emily

    wow this was taken on the set as jenny she doesn't pick out jennys clothes

  • xoxo

    the honest truth? You must be jealous

  • honest truth
    honest truth

    This girl is soooo messed up. She looks skankier than Courtney Love and she's only 15 years old.

  • spunk

    wow this girl is just begging for an crotch shot

  • noah

    16 year old street walker. She should move to Thailand.