What Was Up With Kristen Stewart's VMA Hair?

What Was Up With Kristen Stewart's VMA Hair?-photo

When Kristen Stewart walked onstage at the VMAs last night alongside costars Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, an awkward hush fell over the audience, all mouths agape in horror, as Kristen’s mullet-free head was revealed.

Soon the silence was filled with whispers as the realization swept the crowd that everybody’s favorite damsel in distress had chopped her mullet and in it’s place, the emo-cut of a 14-year-old boy. 

Okay fine, that might be a bit of an over-exaggeration but we guarantee that every single person there was thinking the same thing: Could this new ‘do be even fuglier than the mullet?

Not so fast. According to her rep, Kristen did NOT chop off her mullet! It wasn’t a new cut that Kristen was rocking, just a pinned back ‘do.

Have your say in the comments section: What'd you think about K-Stews hair?



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  • gelseyk

    I thought she looked great! I loved the hair. She can wear just about anything and look great. Watch, now young girls everywhere will start cutting their hair to look like hers! (or Rob's) ; }

  • abigailjune

    i really like the new "doo" it's a thousand times bettar than that mullet! which she managed to pull off in a weird way..... lucky girl. she can do anything with her hair and still look spectacular

  • misha4itwaskewl

    Honestly i think it looked a hell of a lot better then that black mess a top her head she was walking around with. She finally put in some damn effort! yay Kristen!

  • klee

    good think im gunna hurl at the computer screen...anything to make this hairdo look better So don't look idiot.

  • klee

    I'd love her with green hair Yeah. She's awesome.

  • klee

    Kristen HAD to cut the mullet out of course. On to the next blue steel!! Every woman knows that you got to sacrifice the locks on occasion to start over. And Kristen still looks very very NATURALLY pretty. Nothing plastic about her. An original young lady in a very manufactured movie business world. I wish there were more young women like you Kristen. I would be happy for you to be my teenage girls mentor anyday!!

  • germanxxannie

    it's her hair. doesn't look bad, but then she'll need extantions for the next twilight or what ?

  • knightbeau

    and ktristen u are so beautiful.... why on earth u rushing marriage??? i hope robert is a good person and not like kevin federline,,,, to eat away your beauty and talent.... he looks so dumb to be with u,, go for prince harry or somebody lke that na!! doh stoooop ! dont embarass us as girls plezzzzzz

  • knightbeau

    this dumb bitch kristen that is such a huge turnoff to your fans and your man too.... he should leave your ass,,, why fame does make u guys loose ur mind? folow taylor swift a little ... may be u will not look like a man unless robert gay and he want u as a man

  • thomaseyorke

    'the emo-cut of a 14-year-old boy ' 'Could this new ‘do be even fuglier than the mullet?' really?! are you serious?!?! her new hair cut is by far the most beautiful thing ive ever seen in my life. not exag. shes amazing its almost too hard to look at her. brilliant actor above all .

  • eve832

    I hate Kristens hair style!!!!! her hair looks better when shes in twilight and new moon..... but she is pretty!!

  • lizbizz11

    I really liked it. The dress was beautiful and her hair was gorgeous too.

  • mcihelledorca

    hair looks fab! the new jodie foster....

  • lully

    i love her hair very stylish

  • katri11

    I like her hair better than her Joan Jett's hair.

  • bellabells68

    Kristen looks so stunning. Her beauty took my breath away. Love her.

  • reneelucky7

    Even though I don't care much for her style- I kinda admire her for just doing her own thing. Could you picture her as a preppy blond??? That would be strange.

  • emmaxoxo

    good think im gunna hurl at the computer screen...anything to make this hairdo look better

  • ariagirl

    I didn't know it was pinned back, but I liked it short. It was very gamine, very Audrey Hepburn. I thought she looked glamours.

  • obsessed

    i actually like her hair..it suits her

  • reneelucky7

    Terrible- but if that what she wants to look like- then so be it.

  • claudinha66


  • lahe27

    omg!!! i can't believe it! i sooooo thought she chopped off all of her hair!! i feel so stupid right now!

  • missbrightside

    I'd love her with green hair

  • jblue03

    it def looked better than the mullet!