Introducing the Kanye West Apology Generator!

Introducing the Kanye West Apology Generator!-photo

Have you offended a celebrity in some way recently, and you're not sure how to make amends?

Fear not; has introduced the Kanye West Apology Generator, which allows you to craft a mea culpa in the grand style of the 808s & Heartbreak rapper.

Check it out! It's fun—and closure-providing!



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  • Dave

    KATHY, You sound about as intelligent as the thug in question. Learn english, and drop the ebonics!!!

  • kathy

    what ever if the girl was black this wouldn't be an issue because noone would care .its clear this man is going through something was it right no but the dude did shot her on stage geez

  • michael

    Celebrities go to to apologize

  • kimmiekey

    Just for the record: President Obama did call Kanye West a JACKASS!!!! The audio can be heard on TMZ!!!!!

  • reneelucky7

    That is what he needs because it will be only a matter of time before he f*cks up again