Kanye West Finally Apologizes to Taylor Swift

Kanye West Finally Apologizes to Taylor Swift-photo

Nothing like a little—make that a ton of—public indignation to get the "I'm sorry"s flowing.

EW.com reports that Kanye West has finally reached out directly to Taylor Swift and apologized for rudely interrupting her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

According to a source, the 808s & Heartbreak rapper put in the call shortly after Swift appeared on The View this morning and revealed that she hadn't heard from West since the unpleasant incident, though the apology apparently occurred before the episode had even aired.

Should've gotten on that a little bit quicker, Kanye, you could have avoided a lot of grief!

Swift confirmed that the conversation took place during a radio interview with ABC News Radio this morning.

"Kanye did call me," Swift told Andrea Dressdale. "He was very sincere in his apology, and I accepted that apology."

Swift added that things are "definitely" okay between her and West following the mea culpa.

Let us know in the comments section: Are you, like Taylor, ready to forgive Kanye West now?



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  • gixxxy

    i think he is a f*ck stuped!! :

  • 0

    i'm so sorry with taylor, i like her... and that's all i can say.... kanye is such a stupid guy!

  • Jerry

    he's a scumbag ...

  • reneelucky7

    If this situation was staged then it worked really well. Everyone is talking about Kanye West now. But I do not think that this was staged. I think that he got drunk and made an ass out of himself. If you choose to drink, then you need to be responsible for your actions. Being a drunk can ruin your life. From embarrassing moments to DUI's and fights at bars. Some people have no busy drinking because they cannot control themselves

  • Megan

    ^^^^ I am totally on your side I was wondering the same thing when it happened. He just appeared on the stage.

  • Ginny

    I can't help but wonder if the whole thing was a fix... it wouldn't have been the first time something awry had happened at the MTV awards that turned out to be a scam. This is subtler than the Eminem stunt but still... where was the security to stop him getting on stage, how did he gets on the stage in the first place because all of a sudden he was just 'there' with the microphone. Then Swift came out dressed in a different outfit as though the thing was staged. I smell a Kanye/ Swift 'make up and be friends' collaboration in the works. His career would actually improve if that happened and he'd get a whole new battery of fans in the form of the white teeny boppers. Mark my words, something isn't absolutely kosher about this!!

  • Kimberlet

    People make mistakes.... hope he is for-real! Lets hope the light inside of him was turned on! Taylor is wise for her young age peace~