Kate Gosselin Wants to Get Talky

Kate Gosselin Wants to Get Talky-photo

Will we soon be getting even more Kate Gosselin on the small screen?

E! Online reports that the Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom—who had a two-day guest-hosting stint on The View this week—is in negotiations to launch her own View-style talk show.

Sources say that Telepictures—the company behind Ellen DeGeneres and Tyra Banks' hugely popular talk shows—is developing a show for Gosselin and TV kitchen guru Paula Deen.

"They're looking around and casting for other women to be on the show with them," a source reveals. "But they want all the women to be moms."

Ooh, ooh; sign up Nadya "Octomom" Suleman and watch the sparks fly!

Tell us in the comments section: Would you watch a talk show with Kate Gosselin as the host?



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  • jayde

    There is no way I would watch her show! She did an awful job on the view. What are they thinking giving her, her own show. Its a disaster waiting to happen, why would Paula want to have a talk show with Kate?

  • marie thomas
    marie thomas

    No WAY!!! If someone is dumb enough to give her a talk show, then I just want to know, what is the world coming to? What a biatch! She is so self absorbed and outta control! She cares about those kids alright, probably seeing dollar signs over their heads......Enough of Kate! Please just GO AWAY!!!!

  • zami

    Perhaps what Kate really means by "kids first" is her motivation in going after these opportunities in order to provide financially for the kids. Just a thought.

  • Rosa

    Kylie, are you kidding? An inspiration? She talks on and on about how she puts her kids first and everything is for the kids. Yet she's constantly on her book tour(s), doing talk shows, guest hosting The View and now planning a new show of her own. How is travelling non-stop putting your kids first and being an inspriation? I wouldn't watch her show if it were the only thing on TV.

  • Kylie

    would definitely watch Kate's show, she's an amazing inspiration!