Penn Badgley in VMAN

Hot, hot, hot!

Here’s Gossip Girl stud Penn Badgley in the new, Fall 2009 issue of VMAN magazine.

In the story, “Not Just Another Teen Idol,” Penn opens up more than we’ve ever heard him. Here are some juicy quotes from the issue:

“I’m not just a teen star idol.  I’m not just that.”
“They brought me on to be the awkward sort of confident nerd.  In the beginning, they wrote to my ability to stutter very well – it’s a comedic kind of thing.”
“You barely have to be famous for people to scream when they see you.”
“If you look at the lives we’re leading on the show and the lives we’re leading offscreen, I mean, they’re very fucking similar.  But it’s not weird, it doesn’t feel incestuous.”
“In certain circles we’re treated like royalty.  We’re treated like the Kennedys.  We’re never going to be able to separate New York City from Gossip Girl and vice versa.”
“I’ve always tried to distance myself from the character.  You don’t want people to think of you as this one guy.”