VIDEO: Megan Fox Gets Bagged On

VIDEO: Megan Fox Gets Bagged On-photo

Megan Fox haters, you'll definitely want to watch this video.

Fox sat down for a National Lampoon interview with her Jennifer's Body co-star Johnny Simmons recently, and during the course of the chat, interviewer Matt Zaller got so fed up with Fox's interruptions that he made her put a bag over her head.

Nice touch, but maybe a ball-gag would have worked better.

Check out the video and let us know in the comments section: Do you think the bag is an improvement for Megan?



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  • P

    megan is stupid

  • Meh

    Aww, I love her so much. Megan rules.

  • paramore21

    wat dick that guy was that just rude she not that bad

  • Bonaparte

    That was actually really funny, it made me hate her less.

  • Alice

    How people could hate Megan?...she is so funny, i can't wait for SNL .

  • noah

    Megan's knowledge of Animal Planet and Discovery Channel programming only makes me want to kidnap her soul even more.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    He shoulda chained her to a radiator and fed her dog food from his butt-crack.

  • Marianne LaBeouf
    Marianne LaBeouf

    I think the whole thing was kind of a joke to begin with. I mean what reporter would spend all his time just asking about Hotel for Dogs, which came out awhile back.... at least she has a sense of humour and went along with it.

  • sissi

    this ah-mazing i loved so much haha^^ but i actually like her =)

  • Captain Jackass
    Captain Jackass

    There have been many women of whom I have wished I had a bag for, but I must say no matter how annoying, no matter how drunk I could be, nothing in this world would ever want me to bag mask Megan Fox. I agree with the above statement, a ball bag would have been much better! At least I have already envisioned that scenario.

  • Hanna Hanafiah
    Hanna Hanafiah

    wow. even though i don't love megan, that was just mean. unfair much.