VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Gets High in Concert

VIDEO: Miley Cyrus Gets High in Concert-photo

Who does Miley Cyrus think she is, Ghost Rider?

The Hannah Montana star hopped on a motorcycle and took to the skies while performing the Joan Jett chestnut "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" at her concert in Portland, Oregon, on Monday.

Guess that's more wholesome than spinning seductively around a stripper pole.

Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments section!



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  • lila

    omg where's miley and who have this girl done to her?!

  • Constantina

    great idea.. she is only 16 and she does so mancy things..great concert!!!!!!!

  • maxine

    Miley thinks she soo bad a** ! honestly! she changes every freaken day...her style is different and her hair changes in every Hannah Montana episodes. she needs serious help!

  • sweety0girl

    Go girl!!!! Y really rock, and ya y covered it cool =)

  • yeha

    why would she sing this at a concert, full of 7-15 year old miley fans! Yeah she is high, on drugs!

  • John

    Actually, her cover of Joan Jett was good and the whole stadium knew the words, even the smaller kids. Her family has lots of motorcycles, especially her dad. Although I've never seen or heard of her riding on the family motorcycles (I'm just a fan, not an insider), I know she's ridden 4-wheelers and jet skis. A jet ski is just a motorcyle for the water.

  • .........

    JOAN JETT???? this world is a damm disaster. poor jett, i feel pity. the song is ruined

  • +)+)+)

    miley is awesome love u!

  • kristen

    say all you want, miley's out there dazzling legions of fans and making a lot of money. she's a legend and people who try to offend her like this only make her more famous. LEAVE HER ALONE and get a life.

  • michelle

    omg just leave Miley alone!!!!! it's none of ur business to make fun of her just cuz she is on like a motorcycle! u poeple are all jerks, people who make fun of miley!!!!!

  • thebitch777

    God this girl is retarded. she will soon fall out of the spotlight without her teeny bopper disney fans behind her. Buck tooth hillbilly.

  • lola

    britney covered this song also and in the muisc video she rides a motorbike just like little miss miley couldn't she more imaginative?? guess copying britney is all that miley and her team can came up with

  • Tia

    Sorry Miley.

  • Tia

    Milwy you are so awesome Love you and have a great tour. God bless you.

  • obsessed

    this is so retarded

  • reneelucky7

    Ha! Ya right, she has no clue how to ride a chopper. Her ass would fall flat on her face and cry to her daddy to kiss her skinned knees.