Win Miley Cyrus Tickets!

Win Miley Cyrus Tickets!-photo

Want to check out Miley Cyrus on her current tour? Today might be your lucky day!

Buzznet and Celebuzz are giving away tickets to see Cyrus and Metro Station on the road. Twenty-two grand-prize winners will win a pair of tickets and get to blog about the show for a homepage feature on Buzznet.

Don't wait; head over to Buzznet and enter the contest now!



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  • MissAliah Dache
    MissAliah Dache

    i really like and have ever i was 8 and was really sad when Hannah Montana ended :( but i still love your singing voice and be thrilled if i had the honour to go your australian concert love aliah <3

  • princess lev
    princess lev

    hi miley i just hope that i could see your concert here in the philippines manila, but sadly i dont have money to buy your conceret tickets.......

  • Kerrie

    Aussie mum is looking everywhere to find front row tickets (win if possible-as front row tickets are very expensive as can only find on ebay)...wanting to take my daughter who is 15 to see Miley up close! We want to see Miley in Melbourne and will make a weekend of it just mother and daughter, as soon my darling girl will only want to hang with her friends :( .....I have been trying eveywhere looking for any possible competition I can find to apply.......Im not out to beg, but would love the opportunity to do this and I believe Miley's stage performance will be great to see! .....cannot wait for your concert!

  • frida levy
    frida levy

    and you inspire me to write a song... i will just love if you can hear it... when i grow up i want to be a singer just like you and be known

  • frida levy
    frida levy

    miley.. i love your songs.. the song: one in a million inspire my and thats why i love to sing... and i will be very very happy if i could win a concert tiket to your concert in panama. you were my tol model... because of your song now i love to sing and i love all your songs and i really really want it to go to your concert.. love u

  • millie

    i lov miley she is pritty and she is a grat rol moddle i bady need go i am desbret i will do ahing for u i lisen to your sngs and we loe ou soooo much its not funny your the best you the best sogs and you should pick me i ill do aning for you I NEED GOOOOOOOOO PLESS

  • Love222

    Plase im shy plase give me a ticout i wantch your show alot

  • soraya

    PLEASE ... im begging u..i live in bahrain i want sooooo much to see u!! miley u r my role model i have about 7 albums of u and hannah plz, it'll be gr8 if i had tikets!!! this is my dream to see u live in concert and meet u!! MILEY I LOVE U!! PLZ..say yes to me!!! plz miley.... i always watch u on youtube and on television!! i wish ... i wish this dream of going to ur concert COMES TRUE!! miley i truely love u!! ppppppppplllllllllzzzzz..( i will be sooo greatful if u do)!! I LOVE MILEY!!

  • sharon

    its been my bream to see miley cyrus i real life she has inspied my to right my own songs and hopefuly to bee like her when i am older xxxxxxxx

  • sophie

    i have seen her i went to see her on the 27 th of december this year

  • Emily

    Hello (: x i would really like to go and see miley cyrus perform, i think that she is a very talented girl and i would love to see her performing on stage as im a big fan! I would do anything to see her i really hope i can as i dont have much longer left .x!

  • sharon

    dear miley iam your biggest fan i collect all of the thing that are seling in shops well i try to eny way,your so pritty i love you so much you also inspier mr too write my own music and when i grow up i ho[e to be just like you

  • brenda

    miley pick me you inspire me alot you where the won that make me follow my dreams and one day a want to be like you are the best please choose me your number one fan love,brenda :D

  • Adrienne Bostic
    Adrienne Bostic

    I would so love to see Miley Cyrus!! I'm a huge fan and that would be the greatest Chrustmas present ever......

  • taylor

    omgg! i LOVE Miley Cyrus!!! she is such a good role model. im dying to go my sister is cause she made varsity cheerleading for her school and last concert i got sick and couldnt go but prettty pretty please im in dier need to go(:


    Please can I go I will do anything. I'd love to go but we couldn't afford the tickets. All my friends are going and I really want to. I have all of her porsters on my bedroom wall. I have all of her cds. I've seen every single hannah montanna episode and i'd buy them on dvd if I had the money. Miley cyrus is the best singer in the whole entire universe and i'd be honored if I got chosen to go. When she sings it gives me gusebumps and I really want to sing like her. please can I go i've never been to a concert before and if i got to see miley cyrus then this would be amazing it would make all of my dreams come true. She is my idol my role model. Id give all of my fingers just to see her she is an amazing singer she is unique and i love it. if i had the choice to see every singer(s) in the world but not miley cyrus or if i get to see just miley and knowone else then i'd want to go and see miley cyrus.

  • Jade Bomar-Mitchell
    Jade Bomar-Mitchell

    how did u get on disney????????????????

  • jade bomar-  mitchel
    jade bomar- mitchel

    If u pick me you will me my biggest wish come true you rock . Also u are the best rock star in the world u did not let fam go to your head

  • Jade bomar -Mitchell
    Jade bomar -Mitchell

    You rock and u made me thing of how we can help the world and help animals in the world

  • g 5 k 7
    g 5 k 7

    hi my name is gena i live in kentucky and would love to go to one of your concerts me and my best freind kelsey would die if we didnt get to go your biggest fan gena and kelsey bye for now

  • nadyawert

    Hey i'm from the UK.

  • oliwia

    I love miley on the firs time i Look at her in tv i thought that she is just a singer like everyone else but when I heard her song and her voice something like opens in me and then i understand that u have to get the most beautiful things from your life and enjoy them and that when you want something you have to try very hard to get to that thing that you want I also thing that miley is a very good singer and i love her songs and i had learn lots of things from them and every song that she singing should learn all of us whats the life about.

  • Danielle

    I would love to go to one of mileys concerts I've ever been to one my parents can't really afford it at this time, and dealing with work and bills things like that so it would be my dream to go to one of her concerts it would be so great!

  • savannah

    i really want a free ticket because i really want 2 go 4 my birthday and my mom said i could if i can get 2 free tickets plz i really want 2 go

  • Romase

    site best

  • mileyfan101

    please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please i love miley so much. i cant afford tickets but i wish i could so bad. i love you miley! :)

  • Globals

    all good things

  • lilikindsli

    x3jE1e I want to say - thank you for this!

  • miley1fanever

    sorry again if you pick me im closest to philly thanks PCK ME PLEASSSE

  • miley1fanever

    once again PLLEASE I BEG OF YOU PLEASE I AM HER #1 FAN I made a miley bored game a miley/hannha tic tac toe game i know everything about her she was born nov. 23rd 1992 in franklinville Tennesee. her moms name is letica cyrus her father billy ray cyrus her half sister brandi glen cyrus is her moms child and she is 21. her full brother braison chance cyrus is 14.(miley calls him braz.) mileys full little sister noah linsey cyrus. and her half brother trace cyrus from her mom. when miley was in first grade she played in a play she played a frog she always loved singing and dancing. she always ran on stage with her dad when she was about 10 or so she stared in the movie big foot. in 6th grade these group of girls were SOOO mean to her!! they locked her in the bathroom told lies to the principal about her so she couldnt get on the cheerleading team they thretind her they were horrible. I bet they are sorry now!!!! well as you can see miss cyrus loved sining and acting and she is amazing she has A LOT OF PETS!! one of them are her yorkie roadie after roadio mileys zodiac sign is sagiterriese she looove hello kitty infact on her tour bus she has hello kitty sheets and all and noah has hannah montana HOW CUTE!! by the way noah is nine she is the voice of ponyo in the new movie in hannah montana if you look closley brandi will be in the background some times noah to well noah usally has like 2 lines, noahs best friend emily is in the hannah movie she discovers her seceret she plays a fan on youtube like miley and mandy noah and her friend have the noie and em show!!! well i know a lot i could keep going on and on i promise but im not going to you will prpbablly get bored but plllleaaase pick me pleeeeeaaaasse i beg you am her #1 fan it is my dream to win and see her PPPLEEASE sorry i have long comments but miss cyrus is amazing!! from her #1 fan alexis

  • miley1fanever

    Type your comment here.I am Miley Ray Cyru's #1 fan ever I swear!!! I have everything miley/hannah even to gum and underware anything you could possibly imagine I have it!!!! I am a miley fanatic and it would be my appsolute dream to win this and see her!!! I am obssesd I love miley my life would be sooo much better please miss cyrus is the best star EVER and i am HER #1 fan I have A LOT going on in my life right now and it is not all good and i am not lying just to get the tickets i would never do that and like i said it would make my dream come true and make my life a lot better! i NEVER been to one of her concerts before and when i couldnt get tickets the last concert i cried for like ever so PLEAASE i beg you sooo much please please pleaseee It would just make my dreams come true!!! Miley Ray Cyrus is AMAZING and I as her #1 fan would have my dream complete to go to that concert!!!!!! PLEASE again! From, Alexis / mileys TRUE #1 fan

  • Abby

    I would love to see Miley she is amazingly talented in acting and singing!!! So i really think you should chose me I have NEVER been to any concert b4 so it would be an honor!

  • Bethany

    Hey i'm from the UK. I abso love Miley she has an awesome voice- and is very talented!!! i

  • Vanessa

    I want to see Miley. She's amazing singer. Love her songs and her!!! PLease I want to see her

  • hillary

    i loveee my miley cyrus plus the metro station . i need to go please let me win the tickets.

  • Rocio

    hi, my name is Rocío . Please give me a ticket. i will do everything for see just a minute to miley. Sorry for my english cuz i speak spanish really. I LOVE MILEY .I DESERVE A TICKET

  • emily

    PLEASE???? pretty please!!!

  • Ash

    I LOVE MILEY!! I NEED TO GO!! She is my twin!!!

  • marissa

    what if the concert that is in your town. isnt listed?

  • pabloubillo

    heyy! im from chile, yayy s far, but dnt care, i wnt go to mileycyrus's tour (: cuz, when she come to chile? never? daaah, plz, make me win, xoxo miley, and celebuzz? u rock! byeee.!

  • leah

    I love miley she is great. people shouldn't judge her. i have spent time on twitter and have become a big fan she is down to earth, honest, humble and has the biggest heart. she is the best and i love her. sure we all make mistakes and learn from them


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