Hailey Glassman Calls Kate “Katezilla”

Oh, things are about to get nasty.

Rumors have been flying around the Internet over the past week that Jon Gosselin had starting bringing girlfriend Hailey Glassman to the Gosselin family home in Reading, Pennsylvania.

Kate even spoke about her “meltdown” over the whole ordeal when she co-hosted The View on Monday.

However, the party-loving dad and his girl are saying that the rumors are just not true. Not only that, Hailey’s got a fun l’il nickname for Jon’s soon-to-be ex-wife.

Hailey said, “I was never at Jon and Katezilla’s house nor did I meet the children, And nor am I in a rush to….”

She added, “When the truth finally comes out, the public owes Jon and I a HUGE apology, until then keep hating n being blinded, Bunch of Helen Keller’s.”

Jon also tweeted, “Just to clarify, Hailey has never been to my home in Pennsylvania. That has never been the case.”

A source close to Jon and Hailey also reveal that Jon spoke to Kate after her appearance on TV, and when he asked her her allegations, Kate claimed to have seen it “in the tabloids.”

What’s Katezilla gonna do next?