Hank Baskett Cut From the Eagles

Hank Baskett Cut From the Eagles-photo

Kendra Wilkinson's husband got some bad news on Tuesday.

Us Magazine reports that Hank Baskett has been released from the Philadelphia Eagles to make room for new addition Michael Vick.

Vick, who recently finished a prison sentence for running a dog-fighting operation from his Virginia home, signed on with the Eagles last month and will begin practicing with the team on Wednesday.

Poor Hank; and he has a baby on the way in December! Wonder what Kendra will do with all that Eagles gear now?

Let us know in the comments section: Which team do you think Hank will end up with next?



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  • Globals

    all good things

  • thinksmartactsmart

    well what i think is that .. he is good and he should look for something else ... is not the end of the world and if they change him for someone else hey ok thats fine, i know someone else would want him!! after all Kendra is going to be with him no matter what, because her place is been with her husband and helping him to get up and be stronger not only for him or for her but for there baby that is on there way!! and i think people shouldn't judge other, because hey no one is perfect and allot of people think they r but they r NOT .. and if you think u r PERFECT THAN TRY TO WALK ON WATER!!!

  • Celia

    Just what Indy needs a dlister celebrity in town.

  • Nico Toscani
    Nico Toscani

    He's a pretty good player, I don't get it... We'll take him in Chicago, give Cutler somebody to throw to.

  • dblock

    thanks linda for remembering what we should all aspire to...

  • Joe

    DId hank get picked up by the Raiders? There has been talk

  • Sabrien

    Every inuindo on the girls next door was kendra refering to black men. Her mom told her she moved to fast!! Shouldve stayed with Hef longer. Damn shame!!! She was a user so thats what she gets!! She met hank at a playboy golf event while she was still with Hef...CHEATER....and USER...too bad for Hank!!

  • !!!!

    So, she now has to support an unemployed black man who knocked her up. Do they now live in Arkansas? f*ck U

  • Linda Roberts
    Linda Roberts

    Hank will find another job. Making unflattering remarks about him is not a Christian way of thinking. He has a charm about him that is so sweet. More men should be like him. Kendra has mellowed out since she is now a wife and it's so nice to see. I also like reading about her "husband." and what they are doing together. So much better than all these celebrities getting pregnant and leaving a bad image for our children growing up because they're not married. Come on people. Haven't you heard of condoms?

  • sin

    So, she now has to support an unemployed black man who knocked her up. Do they now live in Arkansas?

  • Bianca Toledo
    Bianca Toledo

    WTF is wrong with people these days.. Michael Vick?? Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??? UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • emilykroberson

    mike vick? really? booooo!!!

  • Nancy

    Yikes! that is really messed up. Hopefully he is getting some money from the show.

  • shafe


  • Anna

    Ahhh that sucks!! Poor Hank well I hope he gets picked up by another team!

  • Debbie

    Sucks because she just moved to Philadelphia.