Megan Fox to Play a 'Circus Freak' Opposite Mickey Rourke

Megan Fox to Play a 'Circus Freak' Opposite Mickey Rourke-photo

Now here's a can't-miss movie concept.

Transformers beauty Megan Fox has revealed that she'll be starring in the upcoming Passion Play with the always-entertaining Mickey Rourke. And what's even better, she'll be playing a "circus freak."

Fox reveals,

"There is a love story there, it's clearly not going to be a typical one. My character is basically a circus freak, she lives in a cage and she has wings. She's not an angel, but she has these giant wings that grow out of her back. She's a freak and she's on display."

Alas, we'll have to wait until 2010 to see the romantic sparks fly between Rourke and Fox, but how could it not be worth it?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Mickey and Megan will have good onscreen chemistry?



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  • mommadiamonde

    Mickey is a professional actor and needs the respect of his profession. Megan Fox is just starting out and if Mickey says she is professional that is a compliment. Mickey has a beautiful model girlfriend and is happy and in love. Leave Mickey alone. He is still a sexy actor. After seeing old movies he is more buffed out than ever. He still is a sex symbol. God bless you Mickey.