PHOTO GALLERY: Drew & Ellen At 'Whip It' Roller Derby

Drew Barrymore sure knows how to get people talking.

The actress wore a crazy dress and hairdo to the "Whip It" Roller Derby at Dundas Square in Toronto, Canada. And, wow, co-star Ellen Page looked smokin' hot in a little black number.

Make sure to ZOOM in on Drew's interesting dress in our new gallery. How do you think she looks?



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    This is the welcome page for the Association web site.

  • Arilarwen

    If you have to do it, you might as well do it right.,

  • dilandinga

    hcyFR4 I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

  • Samoys

    lot about you

  • Shelley Cross
    Shelley Cross

    Whip it! Love the outfit and hair!

  • obsessed

    drew barrymore hair is UGLY! usually she gets nice haircuts. but not this time!

  • PipersPicksTV

    YAYAY! LOVE Drew! We did a whole thing with her in our ET episode! Love her personality! TeamPiper & Piper Reese

  • Dee

    Damn! Ellen Page looks frikken hot! Drew....uh. She's cool. lol I'm really excited to see Whip It! Opening night.