Adam Lambert To Release First Single For '2012' Movie Soundtrack

Adam Lambert To Release First Single For '2012' Movie Soundtrack-photo

Finally, the moment we've been waiting for!

Adam Lambert is going to be releasing a song for the 2012 soundtrack, which will mark his first official post-American Idol debut.

The disaster movie is due out on November 13, with Adam's song, "Time For Miracles," expected to be released sometime in mid-to-late October.

Lambert told fans at a recent Twitter party that the song will be a classic rock ballad-styled track that will be very catchy.

A catchy song from an American Idol alum? Shocker!

While Adam did not confirm if the 2012 song will be included on his debut CD, which is  scheduled for release on November 24, it does make sense to put the single on both CDs!

We can't wait! Are you excited for Adam's new song?



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  • jaberone

    I am so excited for ADAM's new cd, and can't wait to hear "Time for Miracles". Just think, anytime someone is plugging a new cd, or any project, they'll appear on talk shows or other tv shows. So hopefully we'll be seeing him on tv in interviews. ADAM is truly an ICON!

  • terie

    I read somewhere that ADAM'S single from the album was due to be released Oct.12th ... don't know if that's true ... but if so then the song Time For Miracles is due to be released in November just prior to the opening of the movie 2012. To me that means TWO songs ... HOPE SO!!

  • janlynn


  • rabbit

    hello fans, Im older than most fans of adams ,As I watch the show , I like the way he sang the R and B songs the way he change it up. he can sing any thing people say he's a rocker which he is .but the RB realy shows he's singing ablily he's bad to the bone I wish ABC or CBS would have the Adam Lambert get down boogie show let him invite stars and let him sing about 3to4 song every week cd's or good but i would like watching on stage he's is such great perfromer he's that good Im 57 male rasied in country.he needs to be seen on TV every week come on adam fans talk it up we might get what we want comment

  • sonia

    I can't wait for this song to come out; I can't wait for anything and everything he sings to come out. But I don't know why Susan Boyle would give him much competition...I can see a certain geographic buying Susan Boyle's CD, but the younger generation will probably be completely disinterested. She has no sex appeal (this is not meant to insult her) and Adam just has that complete "it" factor. He's going to be huge.

  • t4miracles

    Adam has confirmed that Time for Miracles is a seperate project from his new cd. He will be releasing a single soon. Can't wait.

  • Carole

    I was reading on another article or blog about the 2012 song and someone who claimed to have some knowledge about the music biz...said "they" (whoever 'they' is) would not want 2 Adam Lambert songs playing on the radio at the same time (meaning the 2012 song and the first single from his album). I don't think the problem is with two songs playing on the radio but with two songs on release at almost the same time and splitting sales. God knows Adam already has a mammoth fight for first week sales and publicity with the record company's incomprehensible decision to release it on the same day as Susan Boyle's.

  • Gia

    Agree that pic is not good. Hate his hair in that one, but it's all good. Looking forward to anything the boy does! He amazing with his voice and personality.

  • Angel

    I know this Time For Miracles will be great. But I just want to say that I support anything ADAM for always.

  • anna

    I can't wait to hear it. This guy has so much talent in him forget about all the junk people talk about when his name comes up. I wish people would talk about how he is probably the next huge thing. He certainly has the chops for it. ps: seriously this pic is not the best though.

  • Susie

    With beautiful Adam singing, this ballad is guaranteed to be a super mega hit. With his powerful resonant voice, anything he sings is guaranteed to be beautiful and a sure fire hit. Adam is simply the most accomplished singer, most versatile, gorgeous and sensitive vocalist/performer in the music world right now. Even when his voice isn't at its best (Manchester, NH) Adam still delivers a stunning performance with high energy and excitement. He is simply THE BEST!!!!!!

  • adamsluvjnes

    Love, love, luv me some Adam Lambert.Cannot wait for Time for Miracles. for 2012, for his album drop on 11/24. Adam is the best thing that has happened to the world of music since Elvis and he will be iconic, mega superstah and global whirlwind. Adam has got the wind at his back and it is a hurricane. BABEHHH!!!

  • glambertcraze

    Adam is such a georgous person inside and out. And of course his talent is 2nd to none. Can't wait for his new songs. I would only hope two to more of his songs hit the charts together. They will be number 1 and 2. And yes I also agree get a different picture of this special man.

  • Omaha Reader
    Omaha Reader

    yeah! can't wait to hear it... I will buy this soundtrack album just for his song... Go Adam!!...

  • Adam Fan
    Adam Fan

    I want to hear any song by Adam. I can't wait!!!

  • lovergirl

    Can't hardly wait!!!!

  • aaliyali

    Since Brian Mays (Queen guitarist ) parised Adam's singing this song (he did work with Freddie Mercury -so he knows a good singer when he hears one )ok, since Brian Mays praised the song- I guarantee it is fantastic

  • JLM

    Can't wait for this song and Adam's CD to come out!! His voice is remarkable and pretty much anything he does is really great.

  • tyrese

    Can't wait to hear it. Couldn't they release a little snippet to give us an idea. I'll see the movie just because Adam sings the song in it. Love you Adam! I'm in withdrawals--need an Adam fix.

  • number8gurl

    I have a thought. I was reading on another article or blog about the 2012 song and someone who claimed to have some knowledge about the music biz...said "they" (whoever 'they' is) would not want 2 Adam Lambert songs playing on the radio at the same time (meaning the 2012 song and the first single from his album). I don't really understand that. Lots of artists have multiple songs that get regular airplay (Lady Gaga, Jordin Sparks, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Black Eyed Peas, just to name a few. I personally would LOVE to hear 2 Adam songs doing well on the charts and getting lots of play on the radio so early in his career!!! I also agree about the pic....Adam is a gorgeous creature and a 2 second search online would render you many better pics to choose from.

  • Grambertx

    I can't wait for his single. I'm already in withdrawal with no new performances to listen to ... need my Adam fix (though I'm satisfying the craving for now with the many performances old and new already online!). And I want Adam to be first to release a single .... it'll create momentum and excitement for his album. He did confirm in an interview that "Time For Miracles" will not be on the album - says they were two different projects that just happened to intersect. And yup, I second the poor picture choice. Any pic of Adam is better than none at all but there are many, many more flattering photos of him out there! Please pick and use one!

  • WitchyWoman

    I can't wait to hear Time for Miracles! And Adam has confirmed that the song will not be on his CD. And I agree about the picture. Why are the thousands of pictures taken by fans so much better than the ones that turn up in online publications? Maybe it's the love!

  • vogliobeneAdam

    I agree with you Linda. of all the beautiful, hot pictures of his, why always that one???? come on!!! people!!!!! btw i can't wait for the soundtrack!!! whatever he sings, i'm buying it for sure. I am a huge Adam fan from Korea. XD

  • Lili

    I can't wait to hear the song!! Congrats to Adam!!

  • Linda

    The song is going to be awesome, I can just feel it! Can't wait. OT-there are so many awesome pictures of Adam, why pick this one????

  • Melanie

    I CAN'T WAIT to hear it!

  • regg

    the song wont be on his debut album. he has confirmed it