Mary J. Blige Is Praying for Kanye

Can the power or prayer transform the world’s biggest jackass into a decent, thoughtful human being?

Mary J. Blige is certainly hoping so.

The “Real Love” singer tells Us Magazine that she’s busting out the Hail Marys in hopes that Kanye West can turn his life around and stop humiliating teenage country singers at nationally televised awards shows.

“I pray that whatever’s going on with him, he deals with it,” Blige told the magazine on Wednesday while attending a Gucci party in New York.

Better bust out the industrial-strength rosary and put on the kneepads, Mary; something tells us you’re going to be praying for a long time.

Tell us in the comments section: Are you willing to join Mary J. Blige in praying for Kanye West, so that he might recover from his seemingly terminal jackassery?