VIDEO: Miranda Cosgrove Talks Fame, Music and the VMAs Controversy

We know you’ve all been wondering—what is Miranda Cosgrove’s take on Kanye West’s shameful display at this year’s Video Music Awards?

Luckily, the iCarly star sat down with PopEater to discuss that fateful day in show-biz recently.

According to Cosgrove, who was in attendance at the now-infamous event,

“One of my friends came with me to the VMAs… he was sitting in the audience, watching. I came out [from backstage] and I hadn’t heard anything. I didn’t know what happened. And I walked off the stage from introducing Taylor Swift, and he was like, ‘You’re not going to believe what happened.’ I was kind of shocked by the whole thing. But at the very end, when Beyonce had Taylor Swift come out—that was so cool. Makes me like Beyonce even more. It was like a moment in a movie—an amazing, sweet moment.”

Ah, but was it as sweet and amazing as Miranda’s smash-hit single, “Raining Sunshine”?

Speaking of which, Miranda also discusses her burgeoning singing career, fan encounters and how she manages to stay so gosh-darn down to earth in a crazy industry.

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