Kanye West Thinks His Life Is Like The Truman Show

Judging from Kanye West’s online presence in the past few days, it appears that he’s moved on from his post-VMAs apology mode and has settled back into his favorite activity: Feeling sorry for himself.

MTV reports that, in the days since incurring the wrath of everyone from President Barack Obama to Kelly Clarkson, the 808s & Heartbreak rapper has removed both of his online apologies to Taylor Swift on his blog.

In their place, among other things, was a message titled, “Another day in the Truman Show AKA my life!” Accompanying the title was an image of the 1998 Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show, about an unwitting man whose entire life is the subject of a television series.

Aw, poor Kanye. Feel like your life has been under the microscope lately? Who could possibly be to blame for that?

There, there; it’ll be okay. Does anyone have any fishsticks to cheer Kanye up?