Lady GaGa Doesn't Care About Money

Lady GaGa Doesn't Care About Money-photo

Let it be known; Lady GaGa doesn't give a flying fig about your filthy lucre.

The "Poker Face" singer recently appeared on CNN's Talk Asia recently and declared that whatever cash she makes from her skyrocketing career, she pours back into her stage shows, rather than live an extravagant lifestyle like some celebrities.

Says the good Lady,

"It's just a personal choice that I don't like to buy diamond watches or Range Rovers or expensive houses. I just like to spend money on the show. I'd rather have the biggest show on earth than the biggest house."

Clearly, she's even forsaken the purchase of pants in order to finance her stage extravaganza.

Check out the video and dig it all, babies.



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  • reneelucky7

    Whatever. I care about money because when you work for it- then you desire to live the life you want.

  • tilleyca

    Um, hello? Her parents are LOADED. She doesn't care about money because she doesn't NEED it. Not that that's what matters to her anyway.

  • Amber Sterling
    Amber Sterling

    that's a reallllly kewl outlook she has on how to spend her money. I hope she's atleast saving a small portion of it for the future.

  • bb

    I love love love Ms.GAGA