Lindsay Lohan Throws Food Trays At Strangers' Doors Now

Lindsay Lohan Throws Food Trays At Strangers' Doors Now-photo

Just another day in the life of Lindsay Lohan.

Just a couple short days after Lindsay shot down rumors about being placed in a psych ward, she does something so sane and normal that it scares us.

Right? Wrong.

Inside sources tell Hollyscoop that LiLo had to be removed by police from the Bowery Hotel in NYC last night after the actress engaged in a huge fight with Samantha Ronson.

Police were called to the scene after Lindsay reportedly "threw a room-service tray at what she thought was her girlfriend's door" during a heated fight.

However, the probably super-sober Lindsay threw the tray at the wrong door, resulting in her getting escorted off the premises.

Wait. If it was the right door, would that make it okay?

Anyways, this just adds to the talk that Lindsay needs to check herself back into rehab for the fourth time.

Do you agree?



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    t4xm0g I want to say - thank you for this!

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    needed here

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    all good things

  • lilikindsli

    gkodjK I want to say - thank you for this!

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    this is sooo fake!!! love U lindsay!!!

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    Belinda Kapetanakos

    I agree with mg.

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    crazy broads do crazy shat in the bed. I'll be bangin dat crach ho' soon

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    that's not true. gossip cop already said.