PHOTO GALLERY: VH1 Divas Red Carpet

The 2009 VH1 Divas Live show was last night at NYC's Brooklyn Academy of Music.

So many gorgeous ladies strutted their stuff on the red carpet, including Whitney Port, Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis and many more!

True Blood hottie Ryan Kwanten was also there. Yum.

Check out all the red carpet action! Did you watch the show? Share your thoughts on Divas Live in the comments!



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  • marvolo

    She's pulling off a total Dakota Fanning on this pic.

  • Kate

    It is so refreshing to see a star in hollywood so real and true to themselves... Glad she told the Hills to F* off!! Go Lauren!

  • WickedKitty

    Gosh... how old does she think she is??

  • lala


  • amber

    her confidence definitely makes her a diva. her quirkiness and sense of humor makes her so lovable. go KELLY ! !

  • jojo

    OMG!!!! She looks like a MAJO skank, for freakin 16-year-old!! And pplz say that she's a good role-model.... well if you take a good look, SHE AINT NO PERFECT ROLE-MODEL for kids!!

  • christina

    this is rediculouse really she needs to put some cloths on i cant beileive her parents they say that they are by her side and whant to di whats best fir her but they are ltting take nude photos and dress around like a slut its unbeilevable

  • Meitar Simanovich
    Meitar Simanovich

    She is so beautiful. from the inside and the outside,

  • victoria

    wow she is really rockin the red carpet i wish i was you miley

  • andy

    what happened to her eyebrows?!!?!

  • nana

    that dress is so pretty,gotta love her

  • You Belong To Me
    You Belong To Me

    I would suck & f uck his co c k all day every day! Mmm mmm...

  • why are people such haters?
    why are people such haters?

    beautiful dress! love the longness in the back (;

  • Patii De LeOn
    Patii De LeOn

    ooomg giiirl i really look up to you =)).. im from mexico and i neveeeer eveeer miss the hillss youu lookk sooo pretty loviing your dress and shOes....

  • SmileyM

    She is so beautiful ^^ Love her

  • smileee

    what a good looking man!!!!!

  • enoughalready

    her famewhore parents are probably the ones who made her wear it!!! sick of that whole family to be quite honest.