Selena Gomez: Kiss & Tell Album Preview

Selena Gomez: Kiss & Tell Album Preview-photo

Strap yourselves in and prepare for a wild musical journey!

A preview of Selena Gomez's debut album, Kiss & Tell—which comes out September 29—has been released, offering a sweet, sweet taste of the genius to come.

The tracks previewed include "Kiss & Tell," "I Won't Apologize," "Falling Down," "I Promise You," "Crush," "Naturally," "The Way I Loved You," "More," "As a Blonde," "I Don't Miss You at All," "Stop and Erase," "I Got You" and "Tell Me Something I Don't Know."

After you've finished scraping your jaw off the keyboard, hit up the comments section and share your thoughts!



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  • ruta

    i think selena,emily,and most of them on disney should only act.THEY CANNOT SING!

  • Dietroly

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  • Rhean

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  • Trialdan

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  • Cieswen

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  • Lothiliclya

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  • dilandinga

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  • Samoys

    lot about you

  • Tiffany

    I love all the song,especially The Way I Love You.She is the BEST.And she is much BETTER than miley cyrus and Demi Lovato forever.Selena,I love you!!!!!!!

  • vanessa

    best of luck selena dont listen to those jerks , they are just jealous atleast you are not behaving like a slutt like MILEY CYRUS.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jade

    selena's cd is going to be off the hook. Buy it next tuesday to support her.

  • jam-on

    I could give her better songs if she I have scripts for movies that are better than the drivel they have been feeding her.

  • blando

    I love Selena, she is so cute...I just am not feeling this CD. All the tunes sound the same, and none of them sound like hits. Sorry.

  • lol

    Well considering I'm 18 and far from a little kid. I have to say that you people are wrong. I love her sound. And I usually listen to rap and people like Evanesence, Radiohead, and Simple Plan.

  • Sel gomez Fan 101
    Sel gomez Fan 101

    Selena Gomez Haters should go away.Please stop Critisizing her.She is a great role model!

  • EMMA

    Love it sounds soo cool and haters get a life @nooone else u said only kids will listen to woooooooow u know alot its not like u know if their gonna buy it or not and how old r u ??? and if u were not that childish then stop acting like one and dont comment if u hate her cuz that shows u care

  • ihatehaters

    Haters I have a piece of advice for u.If u hate her,don't comment on articles about her.GET A LIFE!!

  • nooone else
    nooone else

    k listen here...only people who will like this music are little kids coz they dont know what real music is supposed to sound like...there is nothing on album that is worth this world is cming to an end when we have to listen to 17 yr olds yelling and they call it pop...screw u disney

  • nobody

    omg shes horrible ...this is painful to my ears...what hapnd to real music? sh*tttt demi lovato and miley cyrus shod be the only ones singing an thats it!!!! stop pretendin you can sing!!!! god dam it!

  • Adam

    I think most of the songs sound really good, especially "The Way I Loved You". I wonder how Selena will sound like singing those songs live.