Miley Cyrus Does What She Wants

Miley Cyrus wants y’all to know she’s, like, grown up and stuff.

In a new interview with the Associated Press, the 16-year-old actress talks about how much she’s changed in the past couple years.

She promises fans that her new LP, The Times of Our Lives, is totally different from her past work.

She says,

“I think I’ve been able to give myself more say. I think at first I was a little more afraid of what I could and what I could not say. I think about it any time I write a song. I’m like, “Why can’t I say that? Why can’t you say what you feel? There shouldn’t be an age or a certain kind of cookie-cutter way of doing things. You can say what you want to. It’s about being an artist. That’s what an artist is.”

Do you agree with Miley?

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