Miley Cyrus Does What She Wants

Miley Cyrus Does What She Wants-photo

Miley Cyrus wants y'all to know she's, like, grown up and stuff.

In a new interview with the Associated Press, the 16-year-old actress talks about how much she's changed in the past couple years.

She promises fans that her new LP, The Times of Our Lives, is totally different from her past work.

She says,

“I think I’ve been able to give myself more say. I think at first I was a little more afraid of what I could and what I could not say. I think about it any time I write a song. I’m like, “Why can’t I say that? Why can’t you say what you feel? There shouldn’t be an age or a certain kind of cookie-cutter way of doing things. You can say what you want to. It’s about being an artist. That’s what an artist is.”

Do you agree with Miley?



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  • You need to know why...
    You need to know why...

    LOL Lookin at more comments you guys ar DUMB BITCHES!

  • You need to know why...
    You need to know why...

    People... it's frigin MILEY CYRUS, now if all you people dont care, why you lookin this crap up?!... Just leav her alone. She doesnt want you coming on just to bag in her. So keep yo mouths shut.

  • maria isabel castro ramos
    maria isabel castro ramos

    miley if i was in ur face ill be sayin dumb bitch, over and over again intil u get ur name

  • gh

    omg miley so stupit

  • Chloe

    looky here miley is old enuf to know and this is her life ? hw would u like it if some1 was messing with ur life not so much hun? so leave her alone and get alife FAST!

  • nicky

    i agree with the first comment.

  • hugemileyfan

    u guys who say bad thing about out!she's almost 17....she's a teen and i blame the litttle kids' parents who llet them watch teen shows!miley is just living her life!!!why,wen she was little,she was treated badly!(consult miles to go)miley was bothered by bullies!it even had to have the police involved!how wud u guys feel being givien that and the way u r treating her now? visit my fan site: fans!not tose bitches here,though!

  • Brazil's H8 Cyrus
    Brazil's H8 Cyrus

    OMG, its obvious that every Miley's fans will defend her, but stop one minute and think...MILEY CYRUS IS A STUPID GIRL AND TOTALLY EGOCENTRIC ARTIST! She do a lot of bad things, like took naked photos and make a video for selena and demi, c'mon people...and next, what does she do ??? SHE SAYS SORRY ? ooh ok, give ME a break bitchcyrus...You know everything YOU do, the paparazzi wiil catch u, she do this things just to win attention...You can make a music for your ex-boyfriend but u know, he and every Nick's fans being dissapoint with u, and u say sorry AGAIN ? Miley, I know u growin' up and blablabla but girl you have to grow up MENTALLY and dont fisically, BRAZIL HATES U MILEY AND I H8 U TOO bluuu

  • Stephany

    i love miley. it's as if she doesn't care waht the media says about her. she just speaks her mind without caring (:

  • big mama
    big mama

    I can't understand why anyone would leave the teaching of values and ethics up to a sixteen year old girl or boy for that matter.That is a parent's job.Miley is a child ,don't trash her for who she is.It is not her job to teach kids anything.She makes her music and if you don't like it,you should not be a parent at all.Do your job & let her do hers.

  • Elle

    This little brat needs a full-on, drawers-to-her-ankles spanking. And I'm just the man to give it to her. yeah and thats not creepy in anyway at all, u perverted weirdo, give the kid a break, no one asks u 2 comment on her so f*ck off weirdo !!! leave her to live her life

  • germanxxannie

    miley is so right! people should start seeing her as an artist not as a little disney girl. she's almost 17, let's face it. and that girl who left the 1st comment: she's got a point. she was, like, a little nasty, but miley obviousliy didn't have a life as hard as other people do, who aren't famous. but, who cares?? she lifes her dream, good for her!

  • kgirl

    What is up with her??She started the first three sentences saying "I think"She isn't very good at English is she?Can't believe I was once a huge fan of her :/ ............................r u for real??? She started the sentance with "I think" and your lashing out at her????? WTF!?!?!?!?

  • alice

    What is up with her?? She started the first three sentences saying "I think" She isn't very good at English is she? Can't believe I was once a huge fan of her :/

  • Isidora

    In first place you can't say she does what she want only because she said she wants to express her own way. THAT'S STUPID! Second, stop judgeing her only because you don't like her music. To judge someone without knowing her is a clear sign of being inmature, eventhough if that person is an artists. Sometimes artists hide their real feelings and emotions to reflect a cool, relaxed and bad person people ke and in their privacy they are the opposite way. Third, I LOVE MILEY CYRUS!!!

  • m

    it's an ep not an lp

  • truelove

    Well, she is just a girl who wants to live her life! If someone doesn't like her, he or she should eyther find better reasons to tell that instead of calling her stupid or shut up. I know you can't stop somebody from saying what he/she thinks and I won't do that (that's what you call freedom of opinion) but I'm still against talking sh*t about a person. So, I like what she said about talking your mind and I also can understand her feelings. As a role model for a lot of girls she always has to think about what to say or do. This doesn't look easy to me.

  • jen

    jeez these ppl need to give her a break. There is nothing she has ever done that she should be hated for apart from being herself! Shes an amazing singer, preformer, actress and person so just leave it her alone. Learn to like her or stop putting your noses in places they dont belong!


    You know what I think! I think she ain't spoiled! I think she needs some space a bit more! She IS right! She is 16 nearly 17! I'm so very yonger than her and I HATE being so told what to do and what to say and what not to do and what not to say! Everyone is like that right!? But all that Miley wants is some of her own time! Even though she is a BIG famous singer actress blah blah blah she is still just like us!

  • ashley

    omfg people stop saying u hate her u dont even know her i love miley haters go get a life miley u rock(:

  • Jay

    miley is just like any other person who wants to live their own dreams. and to the dum* bitc* who left his comment first, cmon dude. If you think you can be better than miley cyrus then take her place. if not then stop condemning every artiste you see. i bet you cannot even make it to disney at all. Peace_/

  • miley cyrus fan
    miley cyrus fan

    i agree. i dont understand why when celebrities say or do something they get in trouble for it but when somebody who isnt a celebrty then its okay. it just doesnt make any sense to me. just leave them alone. i know that if i was famous i wouldnt want everybody to know my business

  • hispanicatthedisco

    This little brat needs a full-on, drawers-to-her-ankles spanking. And I'm just the man to give it to her.

  • holomorph

    I'm a HUGE Miley fan. With the exception of her single "Party in the USA" (ugh) I really like the direction her music is taking. I can't wait to see her show next month, and I think I'm going to follow her career for a long time. That said, I can only hope you've misquoted her here, and that she was actually talking about her upcoming full-length album, not the EP that just came out. She only (co-)wrote one song on this EP, so it certainly doesn't say anything about "her say in the matter". If she really did mean her EP, then that was a stupid thing for her to say.

  • Quit Hating!
    Quit Hating!

    dumb bitch -- What is wrong with you? You don't know Miley personally and you don't know her life. So you don't know if she has had any hard times. I'm not a fan of Miley at all, but she is one of the most normal and sweetest celebrities out there. So quit judging. If anything, you're just jealous that she makes millions of dollars. Go away!

  • Mary

    People need to give her a god damn break! She's about to be 17!!!!! She is almost and adult she can sing and do what she wants! How would you feel if it was you the comments were being said about? Pretty bad huh?

  • mileynickniley

    ohhh my goodness can u leave her alone she didn't do anything wrong and who r u do say all that about her u don't know her and u don't know the problems she faces it's not like u r a sweet little angel

  • Noname

    I honestly don't care about Miley Cyrus, but I think that artists are normal people with great jobs. It doesn't matter if you sing and dance for Disney or Broadway, if you don't write your songs, or even if you have a lot of money or not.... that doesn't make you less or more than others. People are people, and EVERYBODY deal with problems. So I don't understand why "dumb bitch" says things like "her toughest decision in life is choosing what private jet to take " I mean, Give ME a break! You know nothing about anybody besides your friends and family, and neither do I. It just bother me what she/he said.

  • dumb bitch
    dumb bitch

    She is nothing more then a pampered spoiled kid. Singing and dancing for Disney does not make you an adult. Just because you have millions does not mean you know sh*t about the world. You may know hollywood, but that place is nothing more then a fairy tale world filled with money hungry fake people, and liars as far as the eye can see. She has no hard ships to write about, her toughest decision in life is choosing what private jet to take to hawaii this time. Give me a break. It's disney pop music it doesn't get any more generic and cookie cutter then that.