Taylor Swift to Write Song About Kanye West?

Taylor Swift to Write Song About Kanye West?-photo

Oh, please; do it, do it, do it!

Us Magazine reports that Taylor Swift may write a song about Kanye West's totally classless ambush on her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday.

The Fearless singer appeared on Ryan Seacrest's radio show on Friday morning, and said that she might immortalize the moment in song—once she's given her emotions a chance to cool down.

Said Swift,

"Well, I think that in order to write a song about something, I have to have clarity and be completely sure and I'm not there yet."

No, no; do it now, while the iron—and your temper—is hot!

As Swift's jab at former beau Joe Jonas in the song "Forever and Always" has already proven, she has a taste for musical vengeance.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Taylor Swift should write a song about Kanye and, if so, what should it be called? Feel free to include your own lyrical suggestions!



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  • kay

    she should. she can't get sued for writing something.

  • Karlin Moore
    Karlin Moore

    she is going to get her feelings hurt kanye is a lyrical genius and will make her commit suicide..

  • kathy

    Dear,taylor swift I love your music i would go nutty to see you in person or at a constert.im atchully listening to you belong with me.what s your favorit song'.mine is love story and you belong with me.me and my friend kendra are doing a talent show at are school for you belong with me.

  • Annie

    Well, Taylor already wrote a song about Joe (if I'm correct), so what else is new? It's not really a surprise.

  • Karen

    yes, definately!! make him feel bad n give him a taste of his own medicine!!

  • clara

    i think she should, where does kayne get off stealing her spot light? because people let him do whatever he wants thats why. i would buy this single that taylor makes.

  • barb b
    barb b

    I think it is time that ts grows up

  • dumb

    omigod can we shut up about this PLANNED stunt!! they both have the same agent, and Taylor-the-Mouse's sales went up 80% the next week. not to mention "kayne" actually had something to talk about a few days later when the gay fish rolled up on Jay's new crappy show.

  • Rachel

    yeah she should and it should be called "teardrops on my VMA award" kidding obviously, i don't know what it should be called, but she should definetley write a song about it!

  • gixxxy


  • hahaha

    lol that would be hilarious

  • tired

    she should

  • amber


  • Jake 10'
    Jake 10'

    My idea is "Teardrops on my Moonman." It would hit #1 in no time!

  • lady gaga fan
    lady gaga fan

    revenge is not good for celebrites TRUST me

  • obey me
    obey me

    hell yeah >:D