Jack Bass Returning to Gossip Girl

Uncle Jack’s back!

Desmond Harrington, who played scheming Jack Bass on Gossip Girl, reveals to TV Guide that he’ll be back on the show at some point this season.

“I think it’s episode 15 or 16 where I show back up. It’s fun playing Uncle Jack,” Harrington enthuses.

So what’s next for Jack Bass, who was last seen scurrying to Australia after being clocked by nephew Chuck Bass?

Harrington isn’t sure of the details yet, but he’s assuming that Jack has learned nothing from his past experiences.

“I think, if anything, I am there to screw [Chuck’s] life up basically,” Harrington says. “I think he might be, out of all the most evil characters the show has ever had on it, the most evil character. He’s evil.”

Yes. But deliciously so.

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