Michael Jackson Trashes His Family on Tape

It’s long been known that Michael Jackson’s family life was complicated. But interview tapes newly unearthed by News of the World reveal just how mixed his emotions toward his siblings and parents were.

On the tapes, which were recorded at his former estate Neverland Ranch, the deceased King of Pop—who died in June at age 50—lashes out at nearly every member of his family.

On his brothers in the Jackson 5:

“The brothers didn’t give me support. We’d be working on a TV show or video and they’d be sitting around moaning and groaning but I’d be watching and learning…It takes a talent, but some people are lazy and don’t want to develop anything.”

On Marlon:

“People used to call him ugly and make fun of him— and people would say, ‘Which brother is that one?’ He constantly imitates me on stage. Whatever I do he’ll do right after me. I hate when that happens because he looks too ‘doo woppy’ and so old-fashioned.”

On mother Katherine:

“She disappointed me. She did an interview (about him). I don’t like her to talk. It’s none of those people’s business.” (Jackson also revealed that his mother never wanted daughters: “She wished she would have had all boys. She told my sisters that—and they agreed! That’s how my sisters are—they are prejudiced against other girls.”)

On sister La Toya:

“To me she is Mrs. Nice and Nasty. I come in her room (and she says), ‘You can’t sit on her couch, sit on the bed or walk on the carpet.’ She wants to keep everything fresh…If you cough at the table she covers her plate. If you sneeze forget it, she’s in another room. If you clear your throat, you can’t do that while she is eating.”

On father Joe:

“I would suffer if I had to spend a whole day with him…He would sit in a chair with a belt or a switch and we’d do our performance. And if we messed up he hit you…To tell you the truth, I never have felt close to him. He has always been like a mystery man.”

Wow; don’t hold back, Michael!

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