A Drunk David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital

A Drunk David Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital-photo

Again? Really?

Once again, David Hasselhoff was taken to the hospital on Sunday night after his daughter called 911 on her extremely drunk father.

17-year-old Hayley Hasselhoff was at home with her father when she called her mom Pamela and claimed that David was extremely drunk. Thats when one of Pamela's friends called 911 at the family's home in Encino.

For the record, Hasselhoff's camp claims that the hospital visit was the result of medicine he's been taking for an ear infection reacting badly with his anti-drinking meds. Sounds like they're taking a page out of the Mischa Barton playbook!



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  • Romase

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    all good things

  • obsessed

    aww poor girl

  • Nan

    This guy is such a loser! I feel sorry for the daughter that is constantly "cleaning up" after his drunken episodes...she's more of a parent that he is! He's the reason I don't watch America's got Talent, he is absolutely nauseating!

  • leesestyle

    awful... so sad for his daughters. it shows how pervasive a disease alcoholism truly is. my first reaction is to get mad and call him a selfish, sick, abusive piece of sh*t to subject his kids to that but then i stop and realize... if he COULD stop, surely, he would. the only thing i don't understand is why he doesn't go away somewhere whle he's still using and let the girl's mother take care of them. it's one thing to KNOW your father is an alcoholic, but to have to SEE it all the time, in your face when he's at his drunkest, that part i do not understand. where is his ex-wife and why doesn't she refuse him contact while he's still drinking? i wish them all well, ESPECIALLY his girls.

  • paula warp
    paula warp

    Boy, he's doing good. I feel bad for his daughter - isn't this like the second time she's had to do that - that we know about. Poor kid!