Jessica Simpson Is Going Into a Post-Daisy Tailspin

Apparently, Jessica Simpson was just one Malti-Poo away from a total meltdown.

Friends of the Dukes of Hazzard actress tell People magazine that, since losing her beloved pooch Daisy to a coyote last week, her pals are worried that she’s slipping into an emotional breakdown.

Says one Simpson insider,

“Daisy was her baby. It’s going to put her into a tailspin. It will put her into the worst place ever.”

Another friend of Jessica’s notes,

“Whenever things went wrong for Jessica, she reached for Daisy. Daisy was her security blanket. When people let her down, she always had Daisy.”

The loss of the Maltese-poodle blend has left Simpson so distraught, another source reveals, “She won’t leave her parents’ house.”

It probably doesn’t help any that the loss of Daisy—a gift from her ex-husband, Nick Lachey—comes during a particularly rough year for Simpson, one in which she was dumped by her former boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo.

Maybe she should get a goldfish next? Word is that coyotes really don’t find them all that appetizing.

Let us know in the comments section: How long do you think it will take Jessica Simpson to get over the loss of Daisy?