Mischa Barton: Not Quite All Better Yet?

Did Mischa Barton rush her return to work following her stint in the psych ward in July?

Despite her protestations to the contrary, a mole on the set of Barton’s new show, The Beautiful Life, tells the New York Post that the former O.C. actress hasn’t exactly been in tip-top shape since beginning production of the show.

The source notes that filming of the show has been delayed on some days because of Barton’s out-of-it demeanor, and her behavior has been occasionally disturbing.

As the snitch recalls of one particular day on the Beautiful Life set,

“[S]he was getting snippy with the director and kept demanding that someone make instant coffee for her. Often, she’ll stare at the coffee for minutes at a time and say, ‘Who will fix my coffee? I need someone to fix my coffee.'”

It might not be your coffee that needs fixing, Mischa.

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think Mischa should take a step back and seek some more help before resuming work?