VIDEO: Noah Cyrus Interviews Big Sister Miley

VIDEO: Noah Cyrus Interviews Big Sister Miley-photo

Walter Cronkite may have passed away, but his legacy of journalistic integrity lives on.

Check out this latest installment of The Noie and Ems Show, in which Noah Cyrus and her co-anchor Emily Grace Reaves turn the camera on Noah's big sister Miley Cyrus at her recent concert in Portland, Oregon, and ask the tough questions.

Questions that the mainstream media is too afraid to broach.

Questions like, "Are you having fun?"

And...well, it actually kind of falls apart after that.

But it's not an entirely terrible start for a couple of pre-teen aspiring journalists.

Watch out, Larry King; you have some tough competition coming down the pike. 



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  • tammtin

    noha u and emily r 2 2 2 yung to be wraing that toyp of clws

  • mfan

    Does putting down other people somehow make you feel superior to them. Perhaps instead you could do something solid to be proud of, like volunteering for a charity, or developing some skill like guitar playing. You could join Miley in raising money for cancer treatment and research through the City Of Hope cancer research and treatment center. She has already raised more than three million dollars for them that I know about. At least seventy five cents from each ticket on her tour is going to them. She's already booked for years to see one child a week from the Make A Wish foundation. She often visits hospitals to cheer up sick children and writes letters to some of them, etc. People who know her say she does more behind the scenes that she wishes to keep private. (She has had family members who died of cancer) Miley totally rocks and I think you should be a little more like her and a little less like how you are now.

  • obsessed

    Looks like Miley is passing the torch of sluttery down to little sis. Aww, how cute. i know isnt it adorable

  • reneelucky7

    Too adorable. Is Miley teaching her how to shake her booty on the stripper poll?

  • noah

    Looks like Miley is passing the torch of sluttery down to little sis. Aww, how cute.