Ellen DeGeneres Promises to Be a Fair, Kind and Honest ‘American Idol’ Judge

It remains to be seen whether Ellen DeGeneres can fill Paula Abdul’s shoes as a judge on American Idol, but she sought to put the nation’s mind at ease on her talk show Tuesday, Us Magazine reports.

DeGeneres noted, “Apparently, there’s a lot of debate going on right now whether I’m qualified or not to be the new judge on American Idol. I know there is a lot chatter. I’ll tell you right now, how I know I’m going to be a great judge…I’ve spent my whole life being judged. So I know what it’s like. So I will be kind. I will be compassionate. I will be empathetic, and I will be truthful. I will be an honest judge without being mean.”

Plus, the openly gay comedienne added, her inclusion on the judging panel will strike a blow for equality:

“I thought America had moved past this. First, we have the first African American President.  We’ve sworn in our first Hispanic Supreme Court Justice. I think American Idol is ready for their first blonde judge…I do.”

Oh, Ellen, you’re such a card.

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