Kevin Jonas Plans Lamest. Bachelor. Party. Ever.

Kevin Jonas Plans Lamest. Bachelor. Party. Ever.-photo

Who would have thought that Kevin Jonas would kick out the jams with a wild night on the town before marrying his fiancée, Danielle Deleasa?

Probably nobody—because it's not going to happen.

Nick Jonas—one-third of virginal pop trio the Jonas Brothers—tells People magazine that his brother Kev's bachelor party will be typically non-bachannalian affair.

"It will be good, clean fun," Nick vows. "We're going to have a good time with friends and family."

Brother Joe Jonas—who is serving as co-best man with Nick for the wedding—adds,

"It won't be in Vegas. Vegas is not really the ideal place. We are thinking somewhere even cooler and better."

Ooh! Ooh! Will it be Disneyland? Just be careful on the teacup ride, boys; wouldn't want to upset your delicate systems or anything.

Tell us in the comments section: Do you think Kevin is nuts for having a subdued bachelor party after a life of chastity?



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  • meliisa

    Leave the guys alone! at least they won't go out and make sluts of themselves like other people do, I kno really!evryis mad cuz the jo bros arent idiot payers tht r nasty!they r awesoe....u pple r nasty laughin at them cuz they wanna wait till they get married..jus cuz u did it at 15 diesnt mean evey1 else has to b nasty!!!!!!!!

  • jbrox

    just becuz they dont have strippers doesnt meananything! it means they're not pervs! and that he's loyal 2 his lady!

  • cindy

    hey! there's nothing wrong with a clean bachelor party! considering they are underage, they have a little brother, young people look up to them, and photogs r everywhere! and it doesn mean it's @ disneyland dumbass.

  • Daniela

    where ever they do the party it will b so fun because they are the jonas brothers haha

  • Wegas

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  • NickJonasLuver

    I would actually do the same, whats wrong with that Its what he wants, his life not ours

  • izzyswanner

    Cant wait till theses people get married

  • Romase

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  • Globals

    all good things

  • ilovemichaeljackson

    they are doing good. If they were going out getting drunk, going to strip clubs, meeting strippers then you would say something bad

  • lilikindsli

    ydbycj I want to say - thank you for this!

  • lilikindsli

    ykJzkQ I want to say - thank you for this!

  • jonnjenkind

    DwRlZz I want to say - thank you for this!

  • Kevnijoe

    I think its their business not urs,i would find it great if my fiancee didnt wanna have a sripper/porn bachelor party, and its really mature of them to keep up the image they give out, being a role model to MILLIONS OF KIDS, unlike the stupid slut people that go around sleeping with everyone.

  • Angie

    there's nothing wrong with that! a bachelor party doesn't have to have strippers. so what they're not pervs big woop! besides since when do so many people care about a 21 year olds bachelor party?

  • shut up
    shut up

    shut up celebuzz

  • Sofie

    I H8 YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!! :(U guys f*cking SUCK & TALK ABOUT GAY!!!!!Wats up with them tight pants!!!!!!It makes EVERYONE think UR GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tight pants doesn't make you gay.. In my oppinion, if a guy can wear tight pants, he really should do it, cuz it looks damn hot!

  • jb

    Leave the guys alone! at least they won't go out and make sluts of themselves like other people do, yeah just leave them alone. think if that was you, do you think that you would want to be follow by reporters 24/7?! most of us would hate that.and they are no exception1

  • ayesha

    oh, c'mon u cant possibly make fun of them for being good human beings, i mean giv them a reast for crying out loud .........they are decent boys who like keepin their faith ull say im a freak for still drinking milk for brakfast!?

  • Shenice

    I H8 YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU!!! :( U guys f*cking SUCK & TALK ABOUT GAY!!!!! Wats up with them tight pants!!!!!! It makes EVERYONE think UR GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NWLzzz

    i don't think they need vegas to have fun

  • Liz

    Oh give me a break. Why should it be in Vegas? Vegas is incredibly creepy, phony and sad. Much like strippers! They like their sports and music and such...I'm sure it will involve something like that. Sounds good to me. Not all fun involves hallucinating, puking and the exploitation of least when you're not an idiot. WHEN will some give these poor boys credit for not being gross, shallow losers like 99% of the American male population?

  • Shoni^^

    GO JB))i like it!!!you cool boy..end sexy)love you

  • lizbizz11

    Leave the guys alone! at least they won't go out and make sluts of themselves like other people do, Now that would be entertainment. I'm not going to stop making fun of them because let's face it when you look at the Jonas Brothers you see a trio of virgins who think there music is good. The only thing you can do when you hear of the Jonas Brothers is make fun of them. My question is who has a bachelor party with "clean fun"? LAME!!

  • ArmySoldier

    Im sorry but thats the most gayiest (yeah i said it) i ever heard. Its your last night as a Single dude and you want go have some nice clean fun. WTF Over?!?

  • Chelsea

    AWW!! he so faithful to his woman now that's a real mann!!

  • macey

    lol, they are lying! The party wil be like naked ladies-galore! Poor Nicky might have to close his eyes tho, hes only

  • Jennifer

    Technically Joe and Nick are planning the bachelor party, not Kevin (even though he tried to- he's kind of a control freak). Anyways I think it's fine that they're not getting strippers or anything like that besides Nick is 17 and Joe is 20, they really can't do a normal bachelor party anyway.

  • xavier

    the dude can have the party he wants if he wants to go to disney go to disney epcot it's a way to say we saw the world we don't need spend money on a honeymoon but for the bachelor party he should hire miley she already have the song for bachelor party.

  • naquira

    I can't wait for him to get a divorceee. :D


    HAHAHAHHAHAHAA ooh ooh disneyland HAHAHAHA stupid virgin jonas, hate these guys

  • (: the jb sucks
    (: the jb sucks

    stupids virgins xd they dont want to make anything wrong cause they are afraid of bad-media.

  • chelseaaa

    I think that's the mature and responsible approach, since they are virgins AND underage AND under the media's spotlight.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor Danielle's gonna have to put a bucket underneath her on their wedding night....

  • jonas cock
    jonas cock

    He Probably cant wait to break that hymen...........................................

  • It Happens
    It Happens

    We weren't young, virginal, or god-fearing when we got married (or now for that matter), but my husband's bachelor party was after-hours at a sports club his brother managed. They had the run of the place and just had a blast. No strippers or porn. It is possible.

  • Joe Casabona
    Joe Casabona

    Does it really matter?


    its perfectly fine to have a calm bachelor party. Specially considering Nick and Joe will be there and they're only 17 and 19 GO JONAS BROTHERS

  • obsessed

    these are pure liesss

  • mekate

    HAHAHAHA Disneyland xDxDxD

  • iLOVEyou

    It's Kevins Last Night Of Been Boyfriend/Girlfriend With Danii, It's His Night Not Yours? Okay, So You Can Call It Lame, But This Is What He Wants, And Acturly I Think Its A Good Idea, Because This Way He Wont Make A Total Idiot Of Himself Or Does Something He Regrets, Like Most People Do :) Go JB !


    Leave the guys alone! at least they won't go out and make sluts of themselves like other people do,