Miley Cyrus Hates the Creepy Paps

Miley Cyrus Hates the Creepy Paps-photo

Oh Miley, Miley, Miley.

Despite the fact that Miley Cyrus loves tweeting about what she's doing and all of her feelings, she's NOT happy that the photogs like to follow her around.

Yesterday, the 16-year-old launched an attack on the ever-lurking paps that just won't leave her alone.

"Being followed around by creepy photographers is NOT in the job description! YOU try being stuck inside cuz creepers are waiting for u."

"Being a paparatzi [sic] is the most DISGUISTING [sic] job imaginable."

Have your say in the comments section: What would you do if the paparazzi followed YOU around?



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  • renulik

    i think she knew what she was getting was her choice to become a star..she must deal with it! paparazzi are every country, so there is no way out..unfortunately....just leave the business..

  • Rudith Regato
    Rudith Regato

    it makes you nothing less of a person if you don't know how to spell a word correctly... she's very famous, i don't think she will be destroyed with what her sick haters are saying.....

  • blinky

    Rwbwcca, you dirtbag, you made several grammatical errors and misspelled a word in your must be f*cktarded.

  • bclement

    I agree with Miley 100%... Being followed around by photographers can some times be a pain...... it's like pap dont leave miley alone and i dont blame miley one bit....... i really really really like you, miley and i will ALWAYS support and defend you. you have my word on that, GUARANTEE!!!

  • jen

    again....celebbuzz your trying to make it sound like Miley has lost her mind. Shes known as a Pap' friendly star, that doesn't mean she likes them. Shes just a teen, she diserves her privacy and not to be followed around all day by peopple flashing cameras in her face and then saying in the mags that "she doesn't seem very happy" Paps r low lives who need to find a REAL job!

  • mfan

    She sounds frustrated because she wants to go out, but it would be a major production. When she has children, going out will be a major production to get the kids ready, plus the major production of secrurity, etc., because of the paps. I guess this is why we don't see Angelina Jolie out and about much.

  • Mullet Prince
    Mullet Prince

    I wish the Paparazzi would leave Miley Cyrus alone and she hasn't done anything wrong.

  • tilleyca

    I'd throw them Miley Cyrus and run for it

  • lizbizz11

    Really Miley. "this wasn't in the job description" I'm pretty sure being famous these days means being followed aroung by paparazzi. Anyone who feels bad for is a loser.

  • Hi

    LOL I find it funny how this website posts every little thing Miley says or does like it's some breaking news or worthy of being announced. WOW she's tired of the paps bugging her and asking her stupid questions. Honestly, many celebrities complain about it. Who wouldn't find it irritating.

  • reneelucky7

    This is not an English class. So what if she misspells some words. I don't think that they do a background check on the stalkers with cams. So this teenage girl that gets followed around all of the time is in danger.

  • mileyfan102

    Wow. Do you think Miley could take some time out from her busy schedule to go to English class once in a while? she tweets from her phone so its prob just a typo

  • homer

    most of you ***holes are warped. miley is fine it's the creepy paps that are one step above pervs that are the problem. spelling on twitter is over-rated so get a life f*cktards

  • di

    then she should also hate herself since shes the only one taking incriminating photos of herself

  • noah

    Miley spells better than her gums and teeth look. That's saying a lot.

  • beth

    she can handle the usual ones, but the 'creepy' ones are the ones that make up all the rumors!!

  • cherie

    i feel 4 her it's got 2 suck having no privacy. lov u miley!

  • obsessed


  • obsessed

    i'm your biggest fan,i'll follow you until you love me there's no other superstar,you know that i'll be your papa-paparazzi

  • Rebecca

    Wow. Do you think Miley could take some time out from her busy schedule to go to English class once in a while?