Selena Gomez: Kiss & Tell Promo Photos

Selena Gomez: Kiss & Tell Promo Photos-photo

Behold the wonder and glory that is Selena Gomez! has unleashed the promo photos for Gomez's upcoming debut album Kiss & Tell, which comes out on September 29.

They're sassy! They're bold! They're—dare it be said?—perhaps even a little bit sexy!

Check out the pics and let us know in the comments section: Do you think Selena Gomez can successfully make the transition from actress to singer?



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  • John

    i would love to fuk her till she bleeds why is it that women are always downgraded into sex objects. they are human beings, not sex dolls. no disrespect, but showing a bit more respect for women and recongnizing their dignity would not be a really bad idea.

  • igor

    hi selly plzz you skype

  • Pshizzle! :)
    Pshizzle! :)

    i would love to fuk her till she bleeds dude your nasty i bet your like a 40 year old who is bald because all of your hair is on your back that has no life

  • wyatt shuck
    wyatt shuck

    she rocks

  • troy

    i would love to fuk her till she bleeds same hear i,d f*ck her hard verey fast 4 2 days

  • frankie

    u r soooooooo f******* stuip 4 brakin up wit taylor 4 that uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy stuip guy robert u n taylor wer meant to be 2gther u guys wer a cute couple......... god damttttttttttttt lol not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am very mad at u selena f*** u b**** have a nice life wit that uglyyyyyy guy byeeeeeeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sexychick98

    idk how she is so good at singing!!! lol

  • matthew

    selena gomez is so HOT!!!!!!!

  • SeeeLLY

    Hii Selly How Are U? Have You Skype??? :*****

  • Bianca Smith
    Bianca Smith

    she is a great singer n dancer shell be perfect at whatever she does.. and i have a girl crush on her lol

  • Anakaren Barrera
    Anakaren Barrera

    wow she looks amazing !!!!shes a great singer everything she touch's it becomes gold trust me girl!!!sel rocks

  • cecilia marie davies
    cecilia marie davies

    She is a beautifull girl and ya she can sing but she has gotten to be a snobby celeberty. why do i like her i dont i like her music if she could be a nicer persion and not be all about popularity. then i and alot of other people would like her and not just her music.

  • Yoppo

    will she make the transisiton from actress to singer? Sorta. I suspect she will be labeled an actress first always. Unlike Miley, who is the exact opposite, Selena's best quality is her acting, not singing (not that she is a bad singer, in fact she is quite wll.) But, like Miley, Selena can still have the "best of both worlds." ;)

  • Anamary:))

    I Like Love Selena Gomez. She's So Freaking Beautiful. & iLove Her Acting. My Opinion Is That She's Not The Greatest Singer:( But Whatever I Effing Love Her:]

  • Mary

    she so freaking beautiful!!!!!

  • Joe

    i would love to fuk her till she bleeds

  • selenaHUGEFAN

    My opinion when I heard her sing "Somewhere over the rainbow" I liked her voice. The haters are just little trolls who is looking for something mean to say (what a waste). Seriously I don't think she's bad at singing I mean Jennifer Anistong just sang in The Ellen Show and they were like she's good at singing. Seriously why would Hollywood records choose Selena Gomez to sign a reord label. Yes, I wrote a long message but that's because I'm a Selena Fan. Probably everybody's answer to everything is celebs just care about money. So what say it she's a bad singer (which I don't agree) Selena will never give up. She has a band and a record label she can't just give it all up. Some of the miley fans would just give mean comments to Selena and when Miley gets mean comments you'll just say something that is compare to stay away and don't say mean things to Miley and that's really unfair because u just wrote a mean comment to Selena. PEACE OUT. BTW I din't say mean comments to Miley because I like her (No lie) and I don't care if you don't believ me

  • ll