Update: More Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom Wedding Details

Update: More Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom Wedding Details-photo

UPDATE: Khloe Kardashian has CONFIRMED to Ok! that she will be getting married this weekend. 

Khloe's rep states, “Khloe Kardashian will marry her boyfriend, L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom, this Sunday in Los Angeles.”

Oh boy, this may be actually happening.

More details are beginning to leak about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom's wedding, which is only a few days away!

According to sources close to the family, the nuptials will take place on Sunday evening at a family friend's home in L.A.—the Bel-Air residence of music mogul Irving Azoff.

Over 250 guests have been invited, including the entire Kardashian family, Odom's Lakers teammates, and many co-workers and friends of the family, including E!'s Ryan Seacrest.

While details on a possible prenup have "been discussed" (he just signed a four-year, $33 million contract), there hasn't been anything put down in writing.

The big question still remains—why the rush? Khloe insists she's not pregnant, just "in love," and Lamar has "got to that point in life where he wanted to settle down then she came into his life not long after."

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  • kardashian

    klhoe and lamar all i have to say is let the haterz hate yall do yall n never let them tear u apart u guys are a great couple and i cant wait untill u guys have babiies i already no that u guys babiies are going to be beautiful lyke the beautiful couples u r

  • Levaughn Murray
    Levaughn Murray

    Bless them. Stop hating

  • Well Wisher
    Well Wisher

    You people should just chill out. It's not you so what should you care??? She is doing what makes her happy therefore, I am excited for her. That's what is wrong with the world today, to may critics. To the critics, get a life. To Lamar and Khloe, much happiness! I hope that it is all that you hope and dream for.

  • me

    I can say whatever the hell I want to say- this is a free country and I am not some slave to be told what to do. Amen!!

  • Me

    Everlasting Democracy in the Middle East has a better chance than this marriage lasting more than 3 months. Well said!!

  • Just A Matter Of Time
    Just A Matter Of Time

    Wonder how long before she ends up like Nicole Brown Simpson? When will these stupid little whores learn?

  • Nicola-Fla

    ok haters please stop...like its embarrassing! its not everyone's fault why you don't have someone to love ok...so CHILL! With that said....I wish Khloe and Lamar much success in their marriage! God bless

  • nessb0o

    She's absolutely crazy!! I love Khloe but the last few episodes of Keeping Up and Miami have really made her out to seem SUPER biter about Kim always being int he "spotlight" and this seems like a TOTAL plea for her own spotlight! Like come one! I adore the Kardashian's and their my fave but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth

  • pepe longstocking
    pepe longstocking

    Lamar, I thought you were smarter than that. I am dissapointed, at least wait for Kourtney to have her baby and take her.

  • reneelucky7

    If you are going to marry someone, then you should know their first and last name. She hardly knows this guy. I think that the only reason why she is marrying him is to compete with her older sisters prengnacy. These sisters are always trying to up stage one another.

  • Local Gal
    Local Gal

    Craziness. They have been dating for less than 2 months. They probably have not even had an argument yet.

  • reneelucky7

    I can say whatever the hell I want to say- this is a free country and I am not some slave to be told what to do.

  • christian200900

    WOW!!! so much critisizm! let's see photos of all of u and see what we can pick apart and judge. didn't you're mothers teach you that if you don't have anythig nice to say, don't say anything at all? maybe we should apply some knowledge we know and act like adults instead of teenagers!! Oh, btw, Khloe, i think ur great!! :)

  • reneelucky7

    How in the hell can you marry someone that you have been dating for a few months??? The Kardashians are are fame whores- everything they do is for publicity.

  • hottiesian

    Everlasting Democracy in the Middle East has a better chance than this marriage lasting more than 3 months. I couldn't agree more!