Anna Nicole Smith Liked Her Shrink. A LOT.

Anna Nicole Smith sure knew how to keep things interesting.

New legal documents obtained by TMZ reveal that Anna Nicole Smith and her doctor were captured on film in several contorted sexual positions.

The docs reveal that Anna and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich are seen naked in a bathtub together, proving that the two had a personal relationship “that crossed the boundaries of professionalism.”

The documents describe:

“One photo showed both naked women embracing while looking at the camera. In another photo, Dr. Eroshevich is sitting between Anna Nicole Smith’s legs while Anna…was in a more reclined position.

In the third photo, Anna Nicole Smith has her ankles on each of Dr. Eroshevich’s shoulders while they are holding hands and their clasped hands are resting in the area of Anna Nicole Smith’s vagina posing for the camera.”

This is some kind of “alternative medicine,” eh?

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