Hookup Alert: Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard?

Hookup Alert: Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard?-photo

What a hot couple!

Kate Bosworth and True Blood vampire Alexander Skarsgard were spotted getting close at the Britney Spears concert at the CenturyTel Center in Bossier City, Louisiana over the weekend.

An eyewitness tells Just Jared that "They were holding hands. It seemed like they were together.”

Kate and Alexander are both currently shooting the upcoming film Straw Dogs, out 2011. 

Have your say in the comments section: Do you think they make a cute couple?



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  • ida

    kate is not good enough for alex, he is such a nice guy, i hate how he's being used by this *****.

  • ida

    kate is not good enough for alex, he is such a nice guy, i hate how he's being used by this *****.

  • ida

    kate is not good enough for alex, he is such a nice guy, i hate how he's being used by this *****.

  • Mikaela

    Alexander is from sweden.powaah on that!

  • Kavitha Chandran
    Kavitha Chandran

    i dunno for one the height difference is amazing and i think kate is too "cute" for him he needs a more grown up kinda gal more wildish and challenging maybe eva green perhaps.. for one both of them do like getting naked often

  • outta111

    the most disturbing thing about this bit of news is the horrid pic of alex that you're showing, and that they went to a brittany spears concert,,,,,,,YIKES

  • frank

    short, skinny blondes in mid-20's? Sound like Anna P made on impact on his dating choices

  • Luciana

    AMO muito esse cara!!! Ele é muito sexy and hot!!! Queria que ele me chamasse para sair! Quem sabe agente não pudesse sei la começar um namoro!! Eu não me importo nem um pouco com a diferença de idade!!!! O ue realmente importa é que I LOVE ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!! S2

  • Luciana

    Meu Deus, Eu não posso acreditar!!! Esse homem é um pecado e eu o adoro muito!!! Queria que ele me pedisse em namoro!! Ele é muito sexy and hot ! I LOVE ALEXANDER SKARSGARD!

  • Gab

    im sure they arent together. there has been so much going around about who he has been dating...first willa, then erw, now kate. i doubt any of its true. people can have friends!

  • Hope Not
    Hope Not

    Not to insult her, but I think he could do much better. I agree though that they don't have to be dating just because they're out together.

  • goddess

    oh, please... They're making a film together so naturally they would be hanging out some, as well. JJ needs to get better material...

  • courtney

    While I'd rather it be ME hooking up with him, I have to say Kate Bosworth is betting than Evan Rachel Whore.

  • EiEi20

    Anything is better than ERW. Be fair though folks, Kate, Alex, and others are pretty much the only friends they have for weeks while they film. Must be a little isolating for them and so mabybe they held hands - no one has ever done that with a friend? He has been seen with three women in about as many weeks why the frenzy and belief that each one is the girlfriend. At the end of the day, he will probably wind up with someone who is not in the industry. The ERW hook-up made me want to question his judgement, but he has been pretty smart so far . . . and Kate’s rep tells JustJared.com, “The whole cast was together at the concert. They are just good friends. Nothing more.”

  • jenniferb

    She's beautiful. They would make a gorgeous couple but I'm sure they're just friends.

  • OrchidCass

    on JJ it was also noted if you look up close that she may be wearing his signature anchor necklace that he is unusually without!! if you see in the pictures of both her and ERW when seen out with him neither are as plastered in make up nor are their hairstyles as perfect as normal...i read one interview with him stating he liked his girls natural looking...i sure get the feeling they are both trying to be everything he wants them to be....the question is if hes paying any interest in return? to me he seems like a nice kinda guy who not only does not refuse his fans but probably would not refuse his co-stars either! now i know how to approach his good manners...just to find a way to meet him myself! :)

  • Karen

    Anna...yes, she got picked on for her weight...because she is a coke head! If you do as much coke as she's been seen repeatedly doing...you will have a weight problem!! She is also a cheater....hope AS knows this. Although, I think the cast was at the concert together and I doubt he's with her. If he is....God help him!

  • Janette

    What were they doing at a Britney Spears concert? I don't want to believe that Alexander Skarsgard is a Britney fan. It's just too much.

  • OrchidCass

    Gotta be better than Evan Rachel Wood right? However I do disagree with the idea that just because he is spotted out with a female means he has to be dating her...personally I would like to see an interview with Alex confirming who he is or is not dating! pleaseeeee someone ask the man himself?

  • Claire

    He's so sexy! Especially when he is a vampire! Kate Bosworth is no good, Alexander I think you should date me instead!

  • jamie

    NO! NO! They are NOT together :(

  • Anna

    That's an extremely unfortunate picture you chose of him there... he also looks sunburned! But yes, I think they would be a very cute couple. I used to dislike her, but she has grown on me. She really got picked on for her weight in the media and I pitied her because I think she really did have a major problem. It seems like lately she's gotten healthier though, and I applaud her.

  • BeBe

    Nah! - she's waaaaaayyyyy to skinny and has incredibly bad hair. I bet Evan Rachel Wood is none too pleased to be hearing about this hook up.