Kourtney Kardashian’s Pregnancy Craving: Morning Sex

What has Kourtney Kardashian found herself unable to live without since becoming pregnant?

Apparently, a little bit of her baby-daddy-to-be, Scott Disick, in the morning.

In what may be a too-candid moment, Kardashian and Disick sat down with E! Online to discuss the whole pregnancy experience, which has so far included lots and lots of a.m. sex.

Says Scott,

“When I wake up, she always wants to have sex. That’s how we got this way!” 

Um, yes, that’s true. Thanks for sharing.

Not that Disick minds pleasuring his lady-love, who’s currently verging toward her third trimester. “I just want to stay home with her, enjoy her company, look at her stomach and be with her,” Disick adds. “I think she’s gorgeous. I think her body’s perfect, and there’s no one in the world I care more about making happy.”

Aww. How sweet. Ain’t love grand? And just a little bit stomach-turning?