PHOTO GALLERY: Rihanna Shows Off Her New 'Do

Umm Rihanna, you know it's not Halloween yet, right??

The singer stepped out with a fierce new 'do last night in New York City. And what's with that outfit and lipstick?

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  • Pussykat

    Beurrrrk OMG, it's a massacre. I agree with Jen that she looks better with long hair. Oh Rihanna what have u done??? U look so ridiculous, r u blind, can't u see that this cut is horrible...And no comments about the color. I'm ur big fan, no I was..... :(

  • SKB

    she looks weird, i like her with long hair and no dark lipstick

  • Jen

    She has such natural beauty and she always insists on looking so weird. I'm all for creative expression but she looks soooo much better with long hair.

  • bajan.girl

    why dont u go back to hell? leave her alone big up rih rih from bim whooo!!!!!

  • angel

    hahahah is that man in the background laughing at her? i would if i saw her

  • Who Cares
    Who Cares

    Who cares???? This no talent whore should go back to Barbados...

  • TC

    The cut is fab. But it's like she got a part of her hair bleached to be able to put some vibrant crazy colour on it, but then just kind of said "nah, never mind" and didn't add the colour after all. I am not a fan of the blond parts where they are but that's just me.