PHOTO GALLERY: Taylor Momsen Covers Teen Vogue

Gossip Girl starlet and September 2009 Teen Vogue cover girl Taylor Momsen was on hand for the kick-off of the Clinique and Teen Vogue National Fresh Faces Tour at Union Square Plaza in New York on Tuesday, getting the tour off to a grand start with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Hope she knows better than to run with those giant novelty scissors—that could be really dangerous.

Click the pics to see Taylor vogue it up like only she can.



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  • Romase

    site best

  • Globals

    all good things

  • lilikindsli

    m4r25S I want to say - thank you for this!

  • lilikindsli

    eXUlx6 I want to say - thank you for this!

  • sissi♥

    so sick

  • Guest

    Oh she's gotten so weird. Remember her in the Grinch? She was Cyndi Louwho .... She's another one of those child stars gone bad. I'm sick of her.


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