Selena Gomez: Four Full New Songs

Selena Gomez: Four Full New Songs-photo

This is your lucky day, Selena Gomez fans!

Four new, full versions of songs from Selena's debut album Kiss & Tell—out on September 29—have made their way onto the Internet.

Check out "As a Blonde," "I Won't Apologize," "The Way I Loved You" and "I Promise You" and let us know in the comments section: Do you think Selena is going to have a successful music career? And should she?



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  • K.J

    She got the voice.............................................and the looks.............wat else

  • maya

    I Hate her

  • wafa

    she is the best

  • mace

    better than miley

  • Cathy

    Wow, when I heard just snippets of her songs, I planned on not buying the album. Apparently, I should listen to the WHOLE thing before I make my decisions.


    "As a Blonde" is a cover of a Fefe Dobson song. Just in case u hadn't heard bout it. If u search u can find Fefe's original version also on YouTube.

  • Adam

    she's so annoying. Then why did you click on her link if she's annoying? Moron.

  • alice

    she's so annoying.

  • Anakaren Barrera
    Anakaren Barrera

    cant wait for her CD!!!!!! she sounds great!!!! cant wait

  • Diamond

    i think she would be successful, b/c its allsome and i love it and her!!!

  • uicviuv


  • ap101

    wow she's computerized! :O WOW! In her single "Falling Down" you could kind of hear it but in As A Blonde it doesnt even sound like her at all!! so no I dont think she'll be back for a second album...not all disney stars can sing.

  • lala

    love her..she's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mary

    i don't like the songs except i promise you. i like headfirst which is not on her album. she has a good voice but i don't like the kind of her music.

  • mailia

    I like some not all of her music but will she stand up against all the others...idk right now she has a fan base so at least she will get them to buy it..but idk about the rest of the world I wish her good luck though

  • irinas

    selena has beautiful songs ,awsome lyrics and such a delicate soft vice... i just love her

  • Amii

    WOW, i didnt expect tht. Shes better then ppl think!

  • babybrown

    great vocals, am so happy for her i wish people could just appreciate her passion and give her encouraging words rather than the mean things. i know she is going to sell her record like crazy. nothing but love so happy for you

  • shøshø мøhd
    shøshø мøhd

    I wonder if she's racist like Robert Pattinson? do you think rob is racist ????

  • selenafan

    woohoo, go selena!

  • jm

    shes gorgeous.

  • obsessed

    I wonder if she's racist like Robert Pattinson? your just trying to piss me off.. but keep going not gona work this time !! tehe

  • noah

    shes so pale!! i knew it.. shes a VAMPIRE I wonder if she's racist like Robert Pattinson?

  • obsessed

    shes so pale!! i knew it.. shes a VAMPIRE