Heidi Montag to Guest-Host on The View

Heidi Montag to Guest-Host on The View-photo

Mark your calendars for October 1 and start making the popcorn now; the catfight of the century will soon be upon us!

OK! Magazine reports that Hills villainess Heidi Montag will be facing off against Whoopi Goldberg and the gang as a guest host on The View on October 1. Montag will be filling for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who's currently on maternity leave, and was presumably chosen because she shares many of Hasselbeck's right-wing views—or maybe just because the View hostesses wanted an easy target.

Montag's previous experience on The View hasn't been particularly pleasant. During an earlier guest appearance with now-husband Spencer Pratt on the show, Goldberg admonished the two,

"You better get yourselves together or you’re going to be in the street. You’re going to have to take responsibility. You’re too old now. Last year it was cute. Now you’re adults."

Sounds like it's time for Round Two.

Let us know in the comments section: How do you think Heidi will do in The View



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  • Irritated

    I agree with the "she is totally stoned whenever shmoozing for the media" I'm sort of detecting a Howard K. Stern/ Anna Nicole Smith repeat here. She acts as though she doesn't know what she is doing or saying half of the time. The other half Spencer is yelling about how hot she is while America stares at this train wreck couple, scratching their heads and muttering What The Hell?? But, in the respect of a bubble gum blonde filling Hasselbeck's spot, they picked from the breed. Right wing morons. Smack her with facts and logic about politics, not designers and travel. She'll be sure to stare and drool. And duh! ALL Christians alter their bodies and pose for Playboy! What a way to prove your love and devotion to God!!

  • Beverley

    At least Elisabeth has an education and keeps herself up to date with political matters. Even if you disagree with her views, she can back them up and is up to date with what she's talking about. Heidi probably thinks Bill Clinton is president and has no idea about the war, healthcare or any other substantive matter.

  • Carla

    This is going to be a blood bath - I CERTAINLY HOPE!! Of course, that is contingent on this douche baguette having enough gray matter in her skull to even realize that she is getting raked over the coals. I'm guessing she is too stupid to know. Hey! HEY! I second that!!

  • Ms. Anne G.
    Ms. Anne G.

    WHY , WHY, WHY, is she being on 'THE VIEW'? She's belligerant!! Seriously! NOT ONE THING about her is REAL! She's dumb, fake, not a real christian, and her obnoxious 'spouse'(if that's even real!), spencer, is the biggest Douche bag of all time!! People HATE THESE 2!! FOR REAL!! Please don't give them one second of air time, or I'll never watch the VIEW again!! I mean it.

  • Ken

    GAWD!!! Why on earth does she THINK she's some big celeb.? She needs to stick to the MTV FAKE Drama that's more her speed! Thanks for the update, I'll be sure to miss the View that day!! Seriously!

  • George

    Not only does Heidi LOOK like she just smoked a huge joint of marijuana, but she ACTS like it too!! Her & Spencer must smoke pot then look at each other & laugh at the freakishness of each other (her pre-facelift days-with the big shnoz & no capped teeth!). Or.. maybe they'll just have some feathers in Heidi's seat because the wind will blow through one ear and take her away with it as it leaves the other ear!!lol!

  • Krissy

    Whoopi: Now lets discuss the current state of our financial crisis Heidi: PILLOW FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! That's how that scenario plays out in my mind

  • Emily

    oh She'll cry, you know why? cause its going to be this huge celebritiy stunt, she'll cry, and she'll ask for forgivness, and she'll be talking about how it doesn't matter that she got almost naked for playboy, cause GOD still loves her, and she's gonna talk about how it doesn't matter that she is the biggest hypocrate in the American Continent, and she will probably drag some mommy or daddy issues into the lot, just to make it whole. I think she is a f*ing disaster, and I hate her so vehemently, and I hope Whoppi will make her realise that she is an anti-talentum UGLY, lying,hopeless creature.I just hope she'll disappear from holloywood.

  • Kaye

    I hope they make her cry. I do.

  • covet

    in addition to getting a nose and chin job, oh yeah a boob job, they shouldve sewn her mouth shut after cutting out her tongue, and then dip her head in cement *sigh* she would then be the most perfect!

  • SKB

    This girl needs to disappear..im so tired of seein her shes a nobody..

  • tromba

    This is going to be a blood bath - I CERTAINLY HOPE!! Of course, that is contingent on this douche baguette having enough gray matter in her skull to even realize that she is getting raked over the coals. I'm guessing she is too stupid to know.