Heidi Montag to Guest-Host on The View

Mark your calendars for October 1 and start making the popcorn now; the catfight of the century will soon be upon us!

OK! Magazine reports that Hills villainess Heidi Montag will be facing off against Whoopi Goldberg and the gang as a guest host on The View on October 1. Montag will be filling for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who’s currently on maternity leave, and was presumably chosen because she shares many of Hasselbeck’s right-wing views—or maybe just because the View hostesses wanted an easy target.

Montag’s previous experience on The View hasn’t been particularly pleasant. During an earlier guest appearance with now-husband Spencer Pratt on the show, Goldberg admonished the two,

“You better get yourselves together or you’re going to be in the street. You’re going to have to take responsibility. You’re too old now. Last year it was cute. Now you’re adults.”

Sounds like it’s time for Round Two.

Let us know in the comments section: How do you think Heidi will do in The View