Holly Madison Is Getting Her Own Reality Show

Holly Madison Is Getting Her Own Reality Show-photo

Rejoice, for Holly Madison is returning to reality TV!

Vegas Deluxe reports that the former Girls Next Door girl—who's currently wowing crowds in the Las Vegas stripping extravaganza Peepshow—is getting her own reality show, titled Planet Holly.

The show will chronicle Madison's day-to-day-life in Las Vegas, as well as document the more obscure side of Sin City, as uncovered by urban explorer Madison. Says Madison of the project,

“It will be a guilty pleasure with a lot of eye candy...There will be elements of GND in my show because there is such a fan following for it. It’s all good-natured and not mean like other reality shows."

And who's serving as Madison's inspiration for this new project? Her former Girls Next Door cohort Kendra Wilkinson, who's also launched her own reality show since graduating from the House of Hef?

Nope. Holly is looking toward the classic work of Mary Tyler Moore.

Explains Madison,

"It will have some docu-drama, but it’s the perfect excuse for me to be normal in a lighthearted comedy romp. Think Mary Tyler Moore. In fact, I just hooked up my DVD player so I can look at all the episodes of her old TV show. But Planet Holly also will have an empowering message for women showing that however crazy the ideas you might have, they can be achieved."

God bless you, Holly Madison. You're such an inspiration.

Planet Holly will begin filming in Las Vegas on October 12.

Tell us in the comments section: How do you think Planet Holly will stack up against Kendra?



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  • Holly Fan
    Holly Fan

    I love the original GND, HBK will always be in my heart i am not fond of the New Girls in the mansion i think they are fake and just complete dumb blondes. I am excited to see Holly's new show! :)

  • Steph

    I think it will be awesome. We all loved the threesome, and now they are all going their own ways, while all staying close. Kendra's show, Bridgets travel show, and now Holly's show, what more can we ask for. Now the new girls in the house are fake and just not interesting.

  • Crissy

    oh please Holly HO is a fake and a user. She is where we get the expression "dumb blonde".

  • jie

    I wish the best for Holly and Kendra, These girls just wanted to prove themselves that they could make it! More Power to the Girls, I like to see Bridget on the show too, she did good in her travel show minus Sarah. Pls. no Sarah.

  • rachel prendergast
    rachel prendergast

    i think holly and kendra's shows are going to do equally good. people love them both and their personalitys are so different its not like its going to be the same show. i know i'll be watching both shows. now if bridget comes out with a show thats different. she annoys me. kendra and holly are genuine people, i think bridget is a big fake.