Jackson Rathbone Injured on Eclipse Set

Hey, when you’re 166 years old, the body’s not as resilient as it used to be.

MTV reports that Twilight actor Jackson Rathbone—who plays Civil War veteran Jasper Hale in the vampire movie series—had to be taken to the hospital on Tuesday after injuring himself while rehearsing a fight scene for the upcoming Twilight sequel Eclipse in Vancouver.

But not to worry; according to a rep for Eclipse, he’ll be just fine:

“Actor Jackson Rathbone of  The Twilight Saga movies was slightly injured yesterday [September 22] during a fight scene rehearsal. As a precaution, he was driven to the hospital and checked out by a doctor. He’s fine and is back at work on the set of  Eclipse today.”

Rathbone isn’t the only Eclipse cast member to feel the burn of the movie’s amped-up action sequences; earlier, photos of Ashley Greene—who plays Alice Cullen in the series—sporting bruises appeared online, raising concern among Twi-hards for the actress’ safety. (Greene later reassured her fans, stating, “[The marks are from] those wires. It looks like a hand mark on my arm, and it’s definitely from wires.”)

Be careful out there, guys; just because you’re undead doesn’t mean you can’t sustain injuries.