MTV May Air DJ AM Reality Show After All

MTV May Air DJ AM Reality Show After All-photo

DJ AM might be reaching out to warn kids about the dangers of drugs—from beyond the grave!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, MTV is planning to air the deceased deejay's intervention-style reality series, Gone Too Far, even though AM—born Adam Goldsteinwas found dead from a presumed drug overdose at the age of 36 in his New York apartment in August.

According to sources, MTV is in consultation with Goldstein's family about the timing of the series. Goldstein shot eight episodes of the series, wrapping up filming just days before his death. The network originally planned to debut the series on October 3, though that seems unlikely at this point.

According to the report, some believe that the show's anti-drug message could be even more powerful in light of his death, if handled properly.

But can it be handled properly?

Let us know in the comments section: Do you think it's a good idea for MTV to air Gone Too Far?



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  • Puh Leez
    Puh Leez

    The message is distorted. DJ AM died of a drug overdose during a suicide attempt not because he was under the throws of addiction. Would the producers be so gung ho to greenlight the show and educate the masses had DJ AM chosen a bullet or hung himself and not a pill? I have to wonder how much of this is to recoup their finances for the 8 episodes already shot and not as a money loss. This is afterall MTV, which glamorizes wealth, lifestyle, and abundance. Spare me the grandstanding.

  • Pops Warner
    Pops Warner

    Yes, this show has the potential to be very educational. Sort of like Animal Planet's "Grizzly Man Diaries." Why, without that show, there's no telling how many kids would be tempted to try to hug a wild grizzly bear. Same thing with DJ AM. Except he'll be warning kids about drugs, not bears.

  • concretelyambiguous

    I'm so glad they're going forward with it. I hope it has a really positive effect to those struggling and dealing with drug abuse. Great results can absolutely come out of unfortunate situations. Unfortunately for him, SOMETIMES THERE'S NO REMIX.