New ‘New Moon’ Stills: Edward and Bella Make a Run for It

What’s this? Have Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart taken up jogging between takes to stay in shape?

No, it’s just a still from the Twilight sequel New Moon, presented in the Official New Moon Illustrated Companion.

According to a description of the scene in question,

“In the film Stewart (in dream sequence with Robert Pattinson as Vampire Edward) has a ‘fairy-talelook to her’ says the movie’s key hairstylist. After Edward leaves  her ‘She goes through degrees of …. being unkempt.’”

That’s understandable. Who wouldn’t let themselves go a little after getting dumped by R-Pattz?

You’ll also want to check out a shot of Edward and Bella leaning in thisclose to each other in the gallery. Enjoy!