Pamela Anderson Is Going Broke

Will Hollywood’s charitable citizens have to hold a fundraiser for Pamela Anderson soon?

Star Magazine reports that former Baywatch looker Anderson is $1.2 million in debt, particularly to the contractors she hired to remodel her five-bedroom Malibu Colony home last year.

Bruder Construction head Jay Bruder tells the magazine that he filed a $674,043 lien against Anderson in June, for the cost of “labor and materials and subcontractors to remodel main house, construct foundations for guest house.”

Says Bruder,

“A lot of people are owed a lot of money.”

That would also include California’s Franchise Tax Board, to whom Anderson owes $252,360, and removal company Mini-Haulers, who have yet to receive $1,975 for carting construction debris from Anderson’s home.

Laments Mini-Haulers president Jim Brown,

“Putting food on the table isn’t easy in this economy. When someone doesn’t pay their bills, it’s that much harder!”

If this keeps up, Pammy might even end up losing the shirt off her back. In fact, that already seems to be happening!

Let us know in the comments section: How do you think Pam Anderson should raise money to dig her way out of debt?