PHOTO GALLERY: Miley's Concert Moves

She might have abandoned the notion of using a stripper pole as stage prop, but Miley Cyrus is still managing to sex up her show on her current world tour.

The Hannah Montana star rocked a pair of skin-tight short-shorts during her concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, on Wednesday night, much to the delight of the crowd and—clearly—the male backup dancer behind her.

Yay, role models!

Click the pics and let us know in the comments section: Is Miley Cyrus too sexy for her fans?



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  • marvolo

    He sure looks happy. She has that effect.

  • lulu789

    omg miley you need to get a tan i can barley see you!!! haha :P

  • Jenny_princess

    i cant belive miley...... who is she they call this a concert......... come on kids were there now everyones spreading rumors in my school she is gonna b like brittany spears, i think she shouldent of been on disney channel then the rumors and bad thoughts of miley wouldent of started. ( i still like her though she just needs to stop and think before she acts like im not tryin to be mean but she does!!)

  • eses

    Olá puta

  • Payton

    All you Miley fans, I know yall are trying to stand up for her or whatever, but truly, she needs to be a good role model for these little kids. It isn't teens that like her, it's kids. And she acts like she is singing for 17 year olds. She is such a slut and honestly needs to be taken off of Disney Channel. The little kids that look up to her don't need a slutty role model.

  • tsktsk

    im gettin tired of her and her new "style" and im a couple months older than she is ...*sigh*

  • Sophia Gamarro
    Sophia Gamarro

    she looks funny in that pic..

  • emosmiley

    u go girl

  • emosmiley

    u look lovely

  • Aneka

    I don't get the big deal about what she is doing! She is almost 17 years old come on! she is a teenage girl trying to express herself! If the parents really have that much of a problem with their daughters seeing her dance and dress like that then don't take them to the concert! leave the poor girl alone

  • Ginger Ale
    Ginger Ale

    that dude's sick.. looks like he's glad a 16 year old did that to him

  • Canada

    in all of the pics, that dude's grabbin his balls O.o

  • Leslie Silva
    Leslie Silva

    the guy is freacking grabing his balls : )

  • D

    [quote=shøshø мøhd]where the **** is her dad ??????????????????????????????? SHEE IS NOT 11 YRS. OLD....MOST GIRLS HER AGE DANCE LIKE THAT (OR SHOULD I SAY "ALL GIRLS")

  • alexandrea

    he's holding his fxcking balls, ew

  • alexandrea

    haha. whore miley, if you wanna act like this then leave disney! and stp doing sh*t like this infront of kids

  • alexandrea

    look who's all bad now. she's a actress, she really wants to be bad, not some sweet pure disney star thing. iwish she'd ditch disney and go do her own thang

  • PanaWana

    Come on! I mean she's not a kid anymore, and she is not the cute and nice girl that Hannah Montana is, she's a teenager man, and in my country, girls of 13 years old are doing that dance moves and everyone looks at them and say 'Oh, it's ok, she's not doing nothing bad' He is not having sex with her, and she is not nakes, she is wearing shorts, i mean come on, don't tell me that you don't use shorts, i mean, i don't use them, because it's really cold where i live... Anyway, i think it's normal what she is doing

  • loveeuu

    I used to look up to Miley Cyrus....But do i still look up to this ...well maby not anymore



  • faabi

    geez i still love her its her tour she's actually not doing something wrong if not they wouldn't let her do it and actually the role model is hannah miley es different she's just a teen

  • guestie

    ask him ;]

  • how could she?!
    how could she?!

    he looks like he is rubbing his balls while staring at her boobs! EW!

  • mileycyrushater

    Ewww......there are lots of innocent children watching her then she's doing a move that looks like a strip dancer....OMG.....She's insane....

  • pokerdot

    omg she is a slut can't she just act her age

  • andrea

    come oon like 50 percent of the usa population is against her new outfits but the other 50 percent are the intelligent ones that can understand that even though she is hannah montana she is a common girl too so she growing and she just cna hide that and that is more than OK tell me if you go to a party 99 percent of girls are using those mini=shorts because thats teen fashion not an insult she is doing what she cans, like that she is THIS famous she is the most famous teen!

  • Stop Hating Miley Cyrus!
    Stop Hating Miley Cyrus!

    she's a teenager..she's 16 uhm almost 17. i think she is allowed to do whatever the hell she wants. have you EVER seen a normal teenager before? get real and get over the fact miley's growing up. if you don't like her then get over yourself because nobody want's to hear to bitch and complain. i'm sorry i'm cussing but this site get's on my nerves but i like coming here but whatever. miley, i will most definitly support you and i love you to death. i could careless about what people say about you and the rest of the stars you guys are great and if i could i would meet you. please follow me on twitter. it's

  • thais

    it seems celebuzz doesnt like miley at all, i mean u are making people's minds.. WHAT THE f*ck IS YOUR PROBLEM CELEBUZZ? if u dont like miley, thats fine but u dont need to do this u dont need to say bad things about her ALL THE TIME we want news not your opinion i just made the decision that this is the last time i open this site cause u know your opinion doesnt matter anything.. all we want is news for crying out loud!!!!!!

  • NWLzzz

    why can't she just grow up and start acting like a normal kid

  • Amber Campos
    Amber Campos

    She is so immature! omigosh i cant wait till she quits show biz for good cause she is only 16 and is shaking her booty up and down a guy! THAT IS JUST WRONG!!! Billy Ray TEACH YOUR KID FOR GOODNESS SAKES!

  • PinkGiggles

    [quote=shøshø мøhd]O_o ,, OMG ,, she's nothing to me now .. i used to love her ,, OMG .. is that the idea she's giving to the kids they look up to her ,,, that's she's trashy slutty and they will do the same she do ,,, making a guy jump on their hips O_o !!!!!!!!!!!!! ,,,,,,, i swear she's DISGUSTING :@ she not the slut its him squeezin his crotch i wud complain if she squeezed her boobs or sumfin or if her arse was in his face. get wat i mean

  • Jennifer

    Miley I cant beleive you, I used to love you but by doing that you just proved to everyone that your freakin trash.

  • shoOosh

    i used to respect her dad cause he looks like the ones who can raise his kids WELL ENOUGH ,, but now i have no respect for him .... do she realize that the party is FULL of kids ,, what's their reaction when they see her do this ,,, then america will be fulled of little pregnant whores for the love of GOD she's only 16 ,,,..... if she wasn't in this show business ,, she will take pole dancing, a stripper and porn as her job ,,, she can't wait to do something like that ,,, maaaaaaaan ,, that girl hormones are on fire ,, she's sooooo horny :S

  • shøshø мøhd
    shøshø мøhd

    where the **** is her dad ???????????????????????????????

  • shøshø мøhd
    shøshø мøhd

    when i see her like this i feel she's a ghetto from the streets and have no parents :@

  • shøshø мøhd
    shøshø мøhd

    [quote=brazilian girl]she is beautiful, i love her so much! I guess that she isn't a bitch .. she has 16 , leave her show what she got show, cause some years... she won't it ! ok .. but she's rushing on it ,,, sooooooo fast ,,, she will be in twenties ,, and in that age she's grownup ,,, so she can do whatever she wants then ,,, at least britney didn't start all this until she was in her twenties =S

  • shøshø мøhd
    shøshø мøhd

    i swear i got legs ,, and everybody else does ,, is she happy with her legs that she recently waxed them or what ,,,,,,,,, cause everything she's wearing nowadays is just SHORTS ,, nothing but shorts ,,,,, i feel like a whore if i wore something is upper than my knees O_o miley girl ,, you gotta put something on to cover you body ...

  • shøshø мøhd
    shøshø мøhd

    O_o ,, OMG ,, she's nothing to me now .. i used to love her ,, OMG .. is that the idea she's giving to the kids they look up to her ,,, that's she's trashy slutty and they will do the same she do ,,, making a guy jump on their hips O_o !!!!!!!!!!!!! ,,,,,,, i swear she's DISGUSTING :@

  • KaliahAlexis

    I think that she is too young to dress like that. I would never let my kid wear them, if I had a kid. I didnt wear that when I was 16/17. She's not almost an adult, I've found that now that I'm 20 years old that I'm just now learning how to be an adult and I realize now that I didnt know everything at that age. Im not saying that she's too young to be dancing with a guy but if she's supposed to me a role model for young girls I dont think she should be as provacative on stage. What she does in her personal life is her thing.

  • zsófi

    she gained some weight, but it makes her look more natural. i love it, she looks great :)

  • brazilian girl
    brazilian girl

    she is beautiful, i love her so much! I guess that she isn't a bitch .. she has 16 , leave her show what she got show, cause some years... she won't it !

  • jen

    Oh for the love of God!! Celebbuzz, all you do is make Miley look bad. Shes wearing short-shorts, CALL THE COPS!!!! She dancing with the opiset sex, COVER YOUR KIDS EYES! Get real!!!

  • GuestZ

    Why does that guy keep touching himself?

  • GuestZ

    And again, that guy looks like he's raping her.

  • GuestZ

    That guy looks like he's raping her. :S

  • fdsignercuttie

    i dont really care. she's practically an adult. and shes like old enough to drive. i don't see why everyone's saying shes too sexy and stuff. i mean, look at taylor momsen. seriously, i have a feeling if miley wasnt a disney star she'd have no comments bout this apart from she looks matured and hot.

  • NWLzzz

    my comment would be no comment

  • temp

    is nolan from dancelife the dancer? yes, Nolan Padilla from Dancelife

  • Ariel

    Oh wow! A teenager wearing shorts. Stop the presses. Who cares? She's going to be seventeen in less than 2 months. What she's wearing isn't too sexy. She's got great legs. Might as well show them off. I don't agree with everything she wears, but this is no big deal. Will you still be complaining about her shorts when she's 20? Get over it. She's a growing teen.

  • iten

    ok i can't watch this anymore does she knows that she is a role models for some kids but gotta be honst the dude look hot

  • iten

    i used to love her from my heart but now she is turning to a sluty bitsh

  • laura

    is nolan from dancelife the dancer?

  • obsessed

    this girl defines shorts and underwears

  • noah

    Hoochie short shorts in full effect.