Neve Campbell To Join Scream 4?

Neve Campbell To Join Scream 4?-photo

Despite saying that she wouldn't be involved in the fourth Scream flick, it looks as though Neve Campbell is having second thoughts!

According to Variety, the actress, best known for her part as Sidney Prescott in the horror films, has just signed on for Scream 4. The movie is set to begin production in April or May, with Wes Craven expected to direct.

As you may recall, on and off-screen couple David Arquette and Courteney Cox signed on for the fourth flick back in July.

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  • rubi

    i think she made a mistake...hopefully she gets a really good script and her character is well hers story is done, i dnt thing kevin can came out with something new about the killer to be conected with her...lets see what happens.

  • Riley

    I just hope they don't just have her to off during the introduction scene. I think Scream really needs to break from the intro-kill beginning now, it's been done to death, if you pardon the pun. Any word on if Kevin Williamson is writing it yet? Ehren Kruger was okay, but a little stilted and two-dimensional compared to Kevin.

  • triplehgirl

    that's good, wouldnt be the same without her, just hope they could bring back skeet ulrich but he played kill in 1 and is dead so no skeet